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A commenter named Susanna asked for “…good, subtle (NOT statement-y) investment pieces of classic gold jewelry, with or without gemstones. I’ve worn very little jewelry since the pandemic started, but I do especially love pieces that can be worn 24/7 because you can’t even tell you’re wearing them.” I especially love that very same thing, Susanna, so this particular post was a delight to research. I love a good snake ring, for instance, and this one is just so elegant.

You can’t go too far wrong with a pair of timeless small hoops.

A chain bracelet with an eensy diamond: equally great for stacking or on its own.

I strongly believe in buying precious stones for oneself, and this diamond row ring would be an excellent addition to any ring menagerie.

Nameplate necklaces like this one always strike me as cool and fun, Even decades after Sex & The City popularized them.

A pave ring that’ll add a fabulous bit of sparkle to whichever finger you wear it on.

These open hoop earrings have a slightly edgy look.

A chain ring that’d be amazing in a stack.

A gold chain with a bold, graphic look.

I love a signet ring—they’re so preppy and menswearish. You can get this one engraved, but I really like how they look blank.

A ball chain bracelet is a fun alternative to more traditional chain bracelets.

These earrings are really delicate and feminine on.

These triple stone studs are from Quince—the same brand that brings us affordable silk shirts and cashmere—and their jewelry is deeply reasonably-priced too. Choose from garnet, shown here, or a selection of other pretty stones.

I love the pops of turquoise on this pretty chain; you can also get it with diamonds.

These fat hoops remind me of the 70s in the best possible way.

I have always had chubby little fingers, and so I either wear stacks of smaller rings or one kind of chunky one, and this is a perfect example of the latter.

A really pretty and delicate necklace with just a hint of sparkle.

And finally, I had to include this genius clasp, which allows you to wear multiple chains without tangling.

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9 Thoughts on Week of requests: gold jewelry
    15 Feb 2023

    I have been wearing those exact hoops for the past 3 years (after years of liking bigger earrings if all types, I just suddenly couldn’t be bothered), and they are great. I don’t even take them off (I sleep in them, which I never used to do). I love a bunch of these pieces and will be pondering them. Great post.


    15 Feb 2023

    You know, I bought a different clasp system, using magnets rather than pinch clasps, because arthritis, and I still can’t sucessfully layer chains without them rolling up into a big snarl a few hours later. Is my neck just built wrong? Do people with layered necklaces just never move in certain ways? Why doesn’t this work for me?


      15 Feb 2023

      Waiting for an answer, because I feel exactly the same way!


        16 Feb 2023

        Your necks are perfect and your brains remain intact. Those damn clasps don’t work. Two years later I still can’t untangle three necklaces.


    15 Feb 2023

    Like many of us, I basically stopped wearing jewelry during the pandemic. Seeing all these lovely choices is inspirational and makes me want to break out what I have and order a piece or seven from what it here. Great posting!


    16 Feb 2023

    My husband got myself and my daughter matching snake rings from Catbird for Christmas and we both adore it. Can I tell you how delighted I am to have a tween who wants nothing more than to have a matching snake ring with me? Such an unexpected thing.


    15 Feb 2023

    Ooh! Such wonderful choices. I’m tempted b6 so many, especially the ball-chain bracelet, the tiny hoops, and the turquoise necklace. Thank you, Kim!


    15 Feb 2023

    That Catbird bracelet has been sitting in my cart just waiting for my birthday discount next month! It will be a great addition to my daintier “stack.”



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