Top 6 of the week: denim skirts


Yes, I know I usually do a top five, but I couldn’t narrow these choices down to that many, so indulge me, please. First up, we’ve got this cool A.P.C. skirt, whose front pockets I really dig.

A pencil skirt with a nice, clean wash.

A marked-down button-front number from J. Crew.

I like how flowy this really well-priced one is; it’d be perfect for wearing on a really hot day.

I’d wear this white denim skirt with a clean white tee and brown leather belt.

This bodacious skirt is available in sizes up to 24.

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8 Thoughts on Top 6 of the week: denim skirts
    29 Jul 2020

    I have a denim skirt like the first one, but it always rides up my waist as I walk, which is super annoying. I’m not sure how other women make them work. Maybe I’m too curvy for denim skirts, but I’m not that curvy.


    28 Jul 2020

    The Washington Post has a similar article today about retiring your constrictive jeans and clothes and the new “comfy” lifestyle. It seems jeans are going the way of panty hose. I will be happy to never put a pair of skinny jeans on again. Long live pajama pants.


      29 Jul 2020

      Can’t imagine my denim addiction ever coming to an end but I now insist on pure comfort or they’re not welcome. A nice relaxed straight fit is my new friend!


    28 Jul 2020

    I almost caved to the siren call of a denim skirt, but do not like the ones with buttons all down the front. These were the ones available in my size. Extraneous decoration is not my thing. And I have nowhere to go in a skirt at the moment.

    Style is changing. If the new workplace is the home, we need less. We need comfort. We need natural fibres and quality. If we have one of something, make it better and more sustainably. Dare I say discreet elastic waistbands might be having a moment soon!


    28 Jul 2020

    Every time there’s a post about denim skirts, I buy one (I usually return it when I remember that denim skirts aren’t flattering on me, but I kept the wrap skirt from last year’s post. It’s a bit snug now). I would love to own that white one, but it makes me sad to contemplate that it will be a long time before I would wear it to do the things I used to do in denim skirts — go to beer gardens, to brunch, to shop. None of those activities seem worth the risk right now.


    28 Jul 2020

    There was an article in The Guardian yesterday about “fashion is changing” and relating one woman’s negative experience of putting on skinny jeans for the first time in months and finding them intolerable. These skirts, for the most part, reminded me of that article since many of them aren’t so restrictive. I think one aftereffect of the pandemic is going to be fashion––not only what women want to wear, but how it’s sold and marketed and how it’s is made. Can you tell I’ve had my coffee?!


      28 Jul 2020

      I read the same article! I don’t know that I’ll ever totally give up on the skinny jean. I have two pairs that are actually comfortable and they look nice. I agree with your point about this “lock-in” (here in LA anyway) changing the way we approach fashion. I’ve adjusted my WFH “uniform” and clothing that doesn’t fall into that framework, I’m likely to think “ugh” and feel phantom-itchy when I envision wearing that dress or blouse. Plus now, I am trying to trace the brands I support to be sure their values match mine. I’ve always shopped designer-designer from trusted vintage sellers on eBay, so I’ll keep doing that. The next thing I need to do is work on my Amazon addiction. It’s to easy to “buy now” and not wait, or mask-up and go to the store.


        28 Jul 2020

        Thanks. I found the article and will have a read.



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