Top 5 of the week: denim shirts


I own one denim shirt, which I wear entirely too much because it’s just so soft and versatile, and I’m looking to add another to the mix. I believe one could do much worse than this classic J Crew number.

I like the idea of a black denim shirt—because of course I do—and this one is pretty ideal. I especially like the big pockets.

I like the pockets on this Alex Mill option as well, and the denim is thick enough to wear it as a (lightweight, obvs) jacket.

A well-priced choice from Levi’s in a wash that looks like it’s been worn and laundered hundreds of times.

And finally: I surprise myself by liking this pussy bow shirt, which I would wear tied or untied, depending on my mood.

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3 Thoughts on Top 5 of the week: denim shirts
    4 Oct 2022

    I have two denim shirts, yet I am yearning for a third––the Levi shirt with the snaps. It couldn’t hurt, right? To own just one more?


      4 Oct 2022

      Of course any decision like this *could* cause harm – yet I think the odds are low. Clothing does wear out. Someone, somewhere will need a denim shirt, and the new one is bound to out-rank one of the older ones, causing it to be put into the thrift store stream, which is where I get things some times. … … … So I think the place to put energy is into the process of picking a shirt that is made by a company that isn’t run by a*******, and I have no knowledge of Levis one way or the other. I myself recently had to buy new pants. It happens sometimes. (There were actual holes. I felt okay about it.) This is my opinion.


    6 Oct 2022

    I have had that J Crew shirt for a little over a year and it’s great! I especially love the pearlized snaps. It is quite fitted, so I’d say it runs a bit small, fyi. I also have an old pussy bow denim shirt from & other stories that I’m fond of, so I endorse that choice! I do love me a denim shirt… great post, Kim!



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