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We’ve had a pretty mild November here in New York, but cold weather is coming, and I want to be prepared. I purchased a version of this adorable Jo Gordon hat last year and it quickly became my favorite: it’s toasty warm, and you can’t beat the color combination.

I also very much like this cute fleece hat.

This fleece jacket looks great in off-white, and would be ultra-versatile; here’s something similar but cheaper.

I love an old-school fisherman’s sweater like this one from L.L. Bean. It looks nice and cozy, but at the same time not too bulky.

I am madly in love with this shearling-lined bootie from Rachel Comey, which my friend Andrea sent me the link to, knowing how far up my alley they were. But they’re a bit splurgy; these are similar and cost a whole lot less.

I am a total convert to Bombas socks—they fit really well, and are nicely cushioned, and for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need.

I will never not love Uniqlo’s Heattech leggings: once the temperatures drop into the 30s, I’ve got them on under my jeans. They’re micro-thin and really, really warm.

My mom bought me these excellent touchscreen gloves a few weeks ago, and I’ve been loving them.

And finally: I purchased these Birkenstock slippers last winter and adore them: they’re so deeply comfortable that you’ll wonder why you ever went for anything else.


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4 Thoughts on Things I bought, things I want, cozy edition
    DC Diva
    25 Nov 2020

    I have got to add the best new beanie out there now — the limited edition baby Giant Panda beanie!! The Panda Cam has been getting me through this difficult fall, and the baby has just been named Xiao Qi Ji (“Little Miracle”). Here is the link to the merch: And here is the fabulous Panda Cam: There is also a naming ceremony video linked to the Panda Cam with people from the US and China welcoming the Xiao Qi Ji. It brought tears to my eyes in this time of so much hate — this is pure love.


    26 Nov 2020

    This “Things I want” edition didn’t show up on my GOCA page until this morning (Thanksgiving)! I logged on to read more of what people are grateful for (loving all the posts) and this popped up! So weird. I will never EVER understand the internet. The Gap also has a Sherpa jacket that is similar (only it zips). Both the Fisherman’s Sweater and the Birks are on my wish list––so many good choices here!! And finally, I can never get off the East End without dropping a chunk of change at Henry Lehr––this summer I bought daughter, McClain, her first ever Frank and Eileen shirt there. She is hooked.


    25 Nov 2020

    I just bought a pair of those EVOLG (glove spelled backwards) gloves last week at my favorite store, Henry Lehr over in Sag. I love them!


      Kim France
      26 Nov 2020

      Yes, that’s where my mom bought mine! Love Henry Lehr!



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