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As you might have have guessed by now, 6397 is my new favorite denim brand, and I’m crazy for these carpenter-style jeans  I  picked up at their Nolita store just the other day. They’re nice and slouchy and comfortable, but at the same time not sloppy, and I like their slightly higher waist.

This plaid newsboy cap is just the cutest.

I first saw this cute floral-print puffer on my friend—the peerless memoirist Claire Dederer’sInstagram feed (funny picture, no?) and now I’m obsessed with it.

A few of you have asked me about winter jumpsuits, and I think this corduroy number fits the bill pretty nicely. I want it a lot.

I just think this jacket is so fun and happy and 70s-ish. Not sure I could pull it off, but I sure do think it’s boss.

I need to get back to yoga—badly—but the idea of walking to the studio in thin leggings and (literally) freezing my ass off does not appeal. So I’m thinking of going for this Outdoor Voices pair, which is specially made to be warm in cold temperatures.

I’m very intrigued by this hooded scarf—it’s so cool-looking, and combining these two items into one just makes it that much less likely I’ll lose one of them.

I bought these James Perse joggers because they looked like the perfect work-from-home pants, and they have turned out to be just that: comfortable, easy, and a few degrees more polished than sweats.

This Uniqlo neck warmer goes for well under $10, and looks so, so cozy. Also: my friend Edie has one, and wears it over the bottom half of her face on the subway so that she doesn’t catch germs when fellow passengers cough and sneeze (I’m not at all sure this shakes out, scientifically speaking, but I like the idea).

There’s still a lot of good stuff left at the Nili Lotan sale, and what’s there is seriously marked down. I went for this excellent camo hoodie, which I tried on  last summer at a store in Sag Harbor, but rejected on the grounds that it was too pricey. Now it’s $138, which isn’t at all bad for Nili Lotan.

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5 Thoughts on Things I bought, things I want
    21 Jan 2020

    I picked up the seemingly last XL in the floral print puffer. And at $72, what a steal! 🙂


    21 Jan 2020

    I bought that Uniqlo neck warmer last year from their men’s section and can report that it is crazy warm because, heattech! Not so sure about the subway mouth covering thing, though. It’s so warm that I find myself desperately tearing it off once I’m inside. And that’s the only problem with it, really … I can’t loosen it on the subway & taking it off involves taking off my glasses and mussing up my hair.


    21 Jan 2020

    Want those wallabees with the carpenter jeans !!!


      24 Jan 2020

      I got the Wallabees exactly because of the photos of them paired with all of 6397’s jeans!


    21 Jan 2020

    I am a total 6397 convert and I have you to thank, Kim. These carpenter pants look so comfortable I’m not certain I can resist. And you can totally rock that jacket that looks like it walked out of 1970 and if it makes you happy…..shouldn’t we all have closets full of clothes that make us happy?



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