The more you spend, the more you save at Shopbop right now


I always look forward to this event—even though, if I’m honest, I’d have to say that I’ve grown increasingly disappointed in Shopbop’s offerings, which seem super-young, often midriff-baring, and really extra-trendy (I’m willing to acknowledge that it’s possible that I am the one who has changed and not Shopbop). Still, I found plenty to like, starting with this fair isle sweater that looks hand-knit. BTW, the event ends on Thursday.

I am always on the hunt for good grey jeans, and these Levi’s seem pretty ideal.

It’s possible that orange is supplanting yellow as my favorite color of the moment, which explains my strong attraction to this cashmere sweater.

I’ve shown you these jeans before, but I’m doing it again because they’re just so good: a nice, low-but-not-too-low rise, and an excellent dark wash.

Just a good pair of chunky loafers, because many of you have indicated a desire for loafers.

None of the colors on this crewneck sweater would usually appeal to me, but all together I think they’re aces.

I love the contrast between the fleece and corduroy on this cozy jacket from Sandy Liang.

I’m getting slight Charlie Brown vibes from this graphic sweater.

Such a chic knit shirt dress with a nicely feminine shape.

The braids on these clogs are such a good touch, and—as usual—I like that there are studs and not staples.

Another pair of jeans I’m intrigued by: they’ve got a ton of stretch, but don’t look like they do.

A cropped, quilted jacket with subtle contrasting plaid details.

I own a boxy Vince cardigan a lot like this one, and once cool weather hits, I wear it endlessly.


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5 Thoughts on The more you spend, the more you save at Shopbop right now
    20 Sep 2022

    The model in the orange cashmere sweater seems to be saying “I am sick of Shopbop’s shit but at least I they are not making me show my navel.”


    19 Sep 2022

    Love the orange cashmere and the boxy cardi, which also comes in a dark, dark blue that I really like. Guess I like Vince sweaters 🙂 Shopbop is why I appreciate Kim so much, it overwhelms me and I need someone to curate it.


    19 Sep 2022

    Cute stuff!! I like orange a lot too. Can’t wear it. And I adore just such a cropped cardigan, and really all of the sweaters. (Our weather is better now – I can think about a sweater! Hurray.)


    19 Sep 2022

    It’s not just you, Kim, that feels like Shopbop is skewing young and trendy. I rarely look there anymore. (Maybe I’m just proving your point!)


    19 Sep 2022

    Kim I agree with you 100 percent about Shopbop skewing young and trendy. I still visit frequently but find myself buying less each year. Also dislike how, after I linked to my Amazon account, any purchase defaults to overnight shipping meaning I have to actively deselect that option or get charged!



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