The GOACA top 10 bestsellers of 2018—so far


I always find it illuminating to discover which items I post here that you guys respond most to, and it occurred to me the other day that it might be of some small interest to you as well, so here we go: the top-selling items on GOACA, in descending order and starting with this Emerson Fry linen caftan, which I wear whenever I go to the beach; it’s so soft (after a few washes) and flowy and comfortable, and the leopard print feels light and summery. Alas, it is sold out, but you can try this top in the same great print, or sign up for when they restock.

I’m not surprised that the The Everlane Day Glove flat scored quite high on this list too: it’s got all the style and practicality of a ballet flat, minus the priss factor.

I have written about these On Gossamer mesh bikini panties on multiple occasions, because they are to my mind the best underwear ever to exist. They are super-light and breathable, deeply comfortable, and leave no panty line EVER.

This isn’t the exact J. Brand trouser that made the list—it was army green and, sadly, is sold out—but I like this grey as well, and the fact that these pants are on the skinnier side of slouchy.

I wrote about the Amope Pedi Perfect after seeing it recommended by a beauty editor I respect, and I have to say, it works about a thousand times better on getting rid of callous and dead skin than a foot file or even the most vigorous exfoliation.

Back when I was at Lucky, I assigned a small piece on the most attractive racerback bras, because I was having an impossible time finding one (like they say, news is what happens to editors). The market editors unearthed this streamlined-but-still-just-a-bit- sexy specimen, which I’m pleased to report is still in production.

When I ordered these shorts from Nordstrom, I wasn’t just 100% certain they were going to work—the potential frump factor seemed high—but in fact they are so good, and I wear them not infrequently, with a button-down or, for contrast, a flirty little floral top. I think what makes them chic is that the legs are nice and tailored.

I’m not surprised this swimsuit did well: it has some magic material that sucks in your stomach, and is so feminine.

This Dansko clog sandal is supposed to be seriously comfortable, and it’s pretty chic, too.

And finally: I am not a big believer in face masks, and products that claim to “resurface” scare me because I’m afraid they’re too powerful for my sensitive skin, but Drunk Elephant’s Sukari Babyfacial is a miracle product: not at all irritating, and it leaves you with the loveliest glow.




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4 Thoughts on The GOACA top 10 bestsellers of 2018—so far
    2 Aug 2018

    I’m in love with the J Brand pants! Those clogs are gorgeous too.


    Michele Godwin
    2 Aug 2018

    You turned me onto Emerson Fry; I have THREE of thier caftans (because I’m turning into Mrs. Roper). love them so much. Thank you!


    2 Aug 2018

    The link to the racerback bra goes to a non-racerback fyi.
    I kinda miss having the link to comment at the bottom of the post…


    6 Aug 2018

    Good to know you’re contributing to the economy, Kim. 😉
    I have several of the items you suggested and love them. I may actually spring for the Everlane Martiniano dupes – they seem to be going strong.



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