The best things I found at the Net a Porter sale for under $200


I’m kind of down on Net a Porter lately—increasingly, it’s just full of monstrously pricey status-wear, and the cool finds I used to enjoy unearthing there are fewer and farther-between. But there is still a lot worthwhile to be found here at sale time, and a lot of decently-priced stuff too.  I am very tempted by this pretty red silk top with delicate pleating.

A striped top gets a little more interesting with a touch of grosgrain trim.

I love James Perse Casual tees—they’re really flatteringly cut—and this one is marked down in a couple of colors.

Just a good utility shirt in a very nice army green.

I think this denim wrap jacket would be so cute with skinny black pants.

I don’t usually just love lace-up blouses, but this one is quite elegant.


A silk cami is just a good thing to own, and this one has a nice drapiness going on.

Here is a perfect dress for if you are traveling somewhere warm soon.

A fun metallic peasant top that’d be great with beaten-up jeans.

The high slit keeps this denim skirt from coming off too matronly, as longer denim skirts tend to do.

I think I might have posted this leopard print shirt at some point in the past because I like it a lot: the red and black is so graphic.

A creamy-white silk shirt is always so put-together-looking.

A pretty pussy-bow blouse in a nice wine-y hue.

A pretty-much-perfect pair of slouchy trousers.

I do love a black floral, and the pops of red here really pop.

A clean-lined collarless denim jacket with cool gold buttons.



I own these Nili Lotan Tel Aviv jeans, and adore them; they slouch really nicely like trousers. They’re only left in a couple of sizes, but maybe you’ll get lucky.

I had this swimsuit until the dog chewed it, and now I’m tempted to buy it all over again because it is so nicely marked down, and because it is so cute.

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4 Thoughts on The best things I found at the Net a Porter sale for under $200
    29 Nov 2018

    James Perse tees are wonderful. And even though they seem expensive, I find that they last for years so are worth the price and one of those brands that looks good even with that slightly frayed worn look (as is the case with one of mine!). Also, the metallic peasant blouse is quite tempting even with its dangerous food-drag-string-tie-capabilities.


    29 Nov 2018


    I actually kind of almost like the long denim skirt though.

    So … did the dog chew the swimsuit such that you could just cut off the bottom and have a new tank top? Or, dog-chewed items could maybe be a new trend. These things happen. At least he has good taste.


    29 Nov 2018

    So, I am sure it is a design choice, but the torque (I’m not sure what the proper term is….it looks like the knit is not cut properly on the grain, a real bone of contention for me) on the Bassike striped dress looks like a mistake, as does the bunched hem. I love asymmetrical stuff, but this just looks like the manufacturer made an error.


    3 Dec 2018

    I thought it was just me, so feeling validated about your assessment of net-a-porter. I am afraid it reflects the growing inequality in our society — and the preference for visible luxury in emerging markets — but am hopeful I’m just reading to much into it. Kudos for finding some gems in the sale.



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