Summer classics: the espadrille


If there is there a more summery show than the espadrille, I have yet to identify it: there is just something about that rope sole that feels perfect for this time of year. I found several good options, including this great pair of wedges in a nicely neutral hue.

I love how bright and happy this one is, and it rings in under $100.

This easy flatform slide brings a nice amount of height to the party.

And speaking of easy, these smoking slippers look so comfortable and effortless.

OK, this is slightly crazy, but I kind of love the combination of colors—so fun.

This wedge comes in several good colors, but I like this faded-out blue best.

As some of you might recall, I dislike most brown shoes, but these Vince flip flops look pretty ideal. I also like that they’ve got a bit of a platform, as walking in New York in the summer in regular flip flops can be pretty gross.

This suede pair is nicely polished.

A floral sport sandal is a lot of statement, and I’m not certain I could pull them off, but something about them speaks to me. Go figure. BTW, if you’re enchanted by the notion of a floral espadrille, you might want to check out these too.

This pair is rather vertiginous, true, but it also looks rather fancy and designer when in fact it can be yours for under $100.

This red and white pair is so excellently cheery and graphic. It also comes in blue and white, for a slightly subtler look.

These low wedges aren’t left in just a ton of sizes, but they look so walkable that I had to include them.

I dig the big buckle on this pair, and the crisscross straps.

These feel like something I would have worn in 1979, and I mean that in a good way.

And finally: a pretty classic pair from Spanish brand Castaner.


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11 Thoughts on Summer classics: the espadrille
    19 Jun 2021

    Love espadrilles, except one wedge on a Tory Burch pair fell off in the middle of the street the other day… maybe they were too old , although this has never happened with the Castener pair I’ve had forever!


    17 Jun 2021

    Never been big on wedges––love them on other people just not on myself, but boy howdy do I love the smoking slippers, the graphic red ones from Anthro and even those floral cuties which do trend toward twee, yet…! Great selection of espadrilles and something I don’t have in my closet!


      17 Jun 2021

      Those are my favorites too! I might need those red ones from Anthro…


    17 Jun 2021

    This is off topic for today’s post, BUT I received my Goop glow (and I also ordered the unseen sunscreen) and I am happy to say I’m quite please in case anyone is on that particular fence.


    20 Jun 2021

    this is another off-topic comment but can you do a round-up of reading glasses please? options that are cuter/more stylish than the drugstore but don’t require spending more than $50-60/per frame. thank you!


    17 Jun 2021

    Loving the red and white and crisscross pairs.


    Lucille B.
    17 Jun 2021

    I love espadrilles until I wear them once and get the rope dirty and can’t figure out how to clean them. No more!!


    17 Jun 2021

    Hey Kim, can I put in a vote that, just as you are gracious enough to include larger clothing sizes, you consider also including wide shoe sizes? (This can include shoes not marked W that have adjustable straps across the toe box.) These are lovely but I am quite sure I could not stuff my foot (4 inches across the toe box) into any of them. I’ve had wide feet all my life (now blessed with the extra joy of bunions), but I think many women develop this problem as they age and would be grateful. Many thanks for considering it!


      17 Jun 2021

      I second that, Jen. I think I could water ski (sans skis) with my feet!


    Mimi A.
    17 Jun 2021

    Many of my 20+ pairs of espadrilles are more than 20 years old! They look good with everything and never produce the blisters strappy sandals can. I’ve not had a problem with the rope wedges getting dirty, but there are shoe protector sprays and Scotchguard Fabric Protector spray works. Here’s a fun trick – most of my espadrilles are the classic ankle tied style like the Castaner and Tory Burch ones in Kim’s selection and I often replace the ties they come with, substituting gold, silver, striped, or sheer, matching ribbons. Next time I’m in New York I’ll be ready for a visit to M&J Trimming. F&S Fabrics in West L.A. is a good ribbon source too.



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