Some feminine but not prissy dresses, part 1


This post came about because It was looking at this dress on Net a Porter, and thinking that it appealed, even though it’s girlier than I usually go. But summer brings out the girly in me, because it’s really the only time of year I wear dresses anymore, so I decided to go look for other options like this, and found a ton.

The touch of flounce here is offset by the graphic Mexican-looking print.

There are an awful lot of florals in this post, and this one is really sweet without being too sweet.

A polka dot tie-waist dress in a very bold blue.

Here is that rarest of things: a high-necked dress that I actually like. The full skirt is what keeps things feminine here.

Just a simple shift that manages top be a bit sexy too.

I usually loathe one-shoulder anything—I just think it’s an awkward an unflattering look almost invariably—but this dress is so graceful.

The snake print here lends a little edge to an otherwise pretty femme-y silhouette.

I love that this full-skirted shirtdress is very dark blue instead of black; I also like this version of it with red and white stripes.

A really good tie dye print on a clean, easy shape.

This cute dress just looks like the easiest thing in the world to throw on when it’s hot out.

Another very fetching tie-dye (I don’t always love brown, but I do when it’s combined with light blue) on a sculptural shape.

This halter dress is pretty bare, but so pretty, and you could always throw on a cotton cardigan to cover it up a bit.

I like that this pristine white dress from AYR has the slightest hint of sleeve—just that tiny bit of fabric can be so much flattering on the arms.

This floral dress is from Doen, a California-based line with a crazy following,  and I think their hippie girl dresses are some of the best out there.

And for those of you who are serious about never going sleeveless, I bring you this pretty navy floral.



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6 Thoughts on Some feminine but not prissy dresses, part 1
    5 Aug 2019

    Love the Sea brand, although I think have aged out of their demographic. Thanks for letting us know about Doen. The blouses are beautiful!


    5 Aug 2019

    I love the black tank loose fit Madewell number. And, because I said I would NEVER wear anything tie-dyed, that is the one that appeals most. ugh. You can’t trust anything I say. And….while scrolling around on the internet I found this youtube person who has a lot to say about undertone colors…worth the watch:


      5 Aug 2019

      I remember seeing that French YouTube video awhile ago. Thank you for the reminder. She has some very good points, plus her voice is super soothing.


    5 Aug 2019

    The & other stories blue polka dot is very me, but they stop at size 12 for this dress (my chest is closer to a 14). Love the very unique floral pattern on the Saloni dress. And like c.w., the tie-dye appeals. Thank you for the wide range of picks, much anticipating dresses part 2!!


    5 Aug 2019

    I love the Rixo plaid and the Sea tie-dye, and I don’t mind paying for lovely dresses that are good quality. However, it irks me that the Rixo dress is made of viscose instead of silk or cotton, and the Sea dress pattern on the back looks so wonky since it doesn’t line up at all. That Doên dress looks like a good one, though.


    6 Aug 2019

    Oh so many gorgeous options! I have to get a dress for a wedding at the end of August – possibly super-hot and muggy – so I appreciate the dress-up potential of your choices. I’ve jumped on the Doên train because their politics match their designs, and I’m very happy with the purchase I made when they were donating 30% of their profits to Planned Parenthood.



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