So many flat summer sandals



I like the natural leather and crisscross straps here.

I know this Ulla Johnson sandal is a bit nuts, but I am similarly batty for the cool print on the fabric.

These are on the tough side, but are still nicely refined.

I’d wear this Madewell pair with a flowy sundress.

This raffia pair is pleasantly unexpected, and they’re pretty neutral so you could wear them with just about anything.

These have a bit of a platform, for those of you who—like me—can’t leave the house in a shoe that doesn’t provide a little bit of height.

Poppy pink is fun, and these are quite well-priced.

I really dig a print that’s heavy on pink and orange, which is a perfect summer color combination.

Metallics like this are so damned versatile.

I bought a pair on yellow sandals this year, and wear them constantly, and especially if I’m wearing all white or black, because then it really pops. I’d love to own this specimen as well.

This is kind of nerdy and orthopedic-looking, but that’s what I like about it. It also comes in several good colors.

A pair from Kork-Ease that I’m certain would be insanely comfortable, and I like the woven detail.

I’m a sucker for anything red lately, and these No. 6 huarache clog sandals are so nice and shiny.

The strap overload here is really chic.

These look like classed-up Birkenstocks.

I am very tempted by this because it is so simple yet really stylish at the same time.

Optic white looks fantastic with a deep red pedicure.

I bought a version of this K. Jacques sandal in Paris five years ago when I broke the strap of the shoes I’d been wearing that day in close proximity to their shop in the Marais, and I replaced them last year after I wore that pair into the ground. They’re about as sexy as a pair of flat sandals can get.

This is a dead ringer for a much pricier pair by Manolo Blahnik.

You don’t see a whole lot of sandals made of suede, which is too bad because I think it’s really elegant.


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6 Thoughts on So many flat summer sandals
    Amy Alfonsi Coda
    18 Jul 2018

    Thanks for this sandals post. Just what I was thinking of recently! 😍


    18 Jul 2018

    How many girls of a certain age can wear footwear with no arch support and no cushion at all on the insole? Thanks for including a few pairs that actually have some comfort features to them, but I’d kill for those pink ones if I thought they were remotely wearable…


      21 Jul 2018

      Ohhhh. And not just cushioning & arch support, but also at least a half inch of heel, because my feet … er, but not more than 2.75 inches of heel without a platform because, my back. Sigh.


    19 Jul 2018

    These are my favorite go-to summer sandal. I’ve had them resoled (by Cydwoq, $20) a couple of times. They’re not for walking miles in but I’m okay with that.


    21 Jul 2018

    I bought those raw edge sandals from & Other Stories last summer & they rock. I walked them all over Florence & they always look perfectly cool.


    22 Jul 2018

    What an all-inclusive list! I’d be happy with any of them, really. But a pair of woven red clogs is now on my list.



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