Shopping the chains, part 5: Anthropologie


denim skirt

The final stop is our series is Anthropologie, a store that—I must be frank—has never been one of my favorites. It always seemed like they specialized in clothes that had one or two many flourishes for my comfort. But lately I think they’ve gotten a lot chicer, and I’ve found a lot to like—for instance this perfectly adorable denim skirt.

anthro blouse

And this popover is just directly out of my playbook.

anthro tee

Just a cute graphic tee.

anthro dress

This dress is so feminine, but still has really clean lines, which I appreciate.

anthro top

A pretty red top for wearing with jeans or even something dressier.

anthro skirt

A really graceful, fluid skirt in a very good blue.

anthro sandal

This sandal is just a little more design-y and interesting than your typical black sandal.

anthro tunic

This eyelet tunic is kind of sweet and romantic.

anthro skirt1

I was on the fence about including this skirt—I realize it’s a bit on the busy side—but I love the color combination.

anthro twist top

A cute, flattering twist-front top.

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11 Thoughts on Shopping the chains, part 5: Anthropologie
    23 Apr 2018

    Anthro is mostly too frou-frou for me, but they carry AG jeans so I forgive them. I do like that twist front top and the blue skirt is lovely. A friend of mine buys all her handbags there because they’re roomy and well made.

    I’ve really enjoyed this series of chains! A good eye will take you a long way even in stifled circumstances!


    23 Apr 2018

    Yes, the Anthro sales rack has been in recent years a crazy pile of ruffles & 1 arm things & twisty fronts all over the place.
    But I often find t shirts, jeans & tank tops there.

    That blue skirt is enchanting.

    I agree – excellent series.


    23 Apr 2018

    I’ve pretty much relegated my Anthro trips to checking out their housewares (love their bowls) and occasionally the jewelry. The rest seems so overpriced for the quality and style. But your “good eye,” as C.W. so aptly put it, picked out some winners. Thumbs up for the gingham dress and blue skirt.


    23 Apr 2018

    Years ago you could find some interesting clothes that didn’t seemed to be designed for quasi boho ladies who lunched. Moveover, the quality of the garments did drop noticeably in the last six years. Too much stretch fabric for my taste now. One of favorite rings is from Anthro. My husband called Anthropology Astrology because of all the hippy, vagabond clothes.


    23 Apr 2018

    I love all things Anthro, I must confess, though I lean very Steve Nicks in my clothing preferences. I try to reel it in. My skirt today is questionable at best, but I love it.

    I have found a way to make my weird bohemian tendencies happy, and that’s to add a measured dose of Madewell style clean lines.


    23 Apr 2018

    I find Anthro is best for that “t-shirt with a little something extra” that’s pretty necessary for those of us who work in super casual environments but don’t want to look like total slobs… the downside being that “something extra” is often heinous sparkles or ruffles or fringe or what-have-you.

    Still, if you dig, there’s usually something that’ll make a pair of jeans look like you gave a shit.


    23 Apr 2018

    I still have an Anthro problem but have forced myself to limit my too frequent trips to the sale section lately, largely due to a drop in quality over the years. (I’ve been “fairly” successful.). My husband and I refer to the flagship store as “The Museum of Anthropology because that’s often our only other stop on quick jaunts to Philly for dinner or a concert – we met a friend for lunch once who told of his morning visit to a real museum. He asked what we had done and, without batting an eye, we said we spent time at The Museum of Anthropologie. Our friend asked if it was worth his afternoon, nothing ny that he had never heard of it. Oops!


    23 Apr 2018

    As a curvy 5’1 person, I like that they have a substantial petite section in their stores that carry pants which actually fit my apparently large thighs (seriously, I never think I’m chubby until I try to find pants that fit my thighs) and short legs perfectly.


      24 Apr 2018

      @Maggie — Same for me — I’ve stuck with Anthro for almost 2 decades, because they have the right sizing for me — 10 and 12, often available in petite.
      For me, Anthro and Loft have the opposite problem. Loft’s clothing often looks great in the online pics, but are often blah and suburban-soccer-mom-y in the store. Anthro’s clothing look to boho, veer dangerously close to Chico in their catalogs and online. But in the store, they often and surprisingly look better than expected!
      You also have to pare away away the more crazy stuff to find the more minimal gems. And yes, great store for jeans and often, spring/fall outerwear.
      Agree with Nicole too — it’s all in how you balance everything. As with anything, it’s usually not good to wear all Anthro or all Madewell or all J.Crew.


    24 Apr 2018

    Anthropology has been my go to for 20 years. I love their unique style and large mix of everything. Love their sale room too. Always a little adventure sorting through treasures. I have noticed a real change the past few years to improve quality and mainstream their designs. Overall it’s like going to 5 boutiques and an art gallery in one store. Can’t beat that.

    . Cool series of blogposts


    24 Apr 2018

    I used to go to Anthropologie to find funky little gifts for my girls for their dorm rooms. And sometimes I’d find jeans. It just seems a little young for my taste.



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