Shopping the discount stores, part 3: The Outnet


iro jacket

The Outnet is where you’ll find everything that didn’t sell on Net a Porter the first time around, and I have located some amazing deals there, like this Iro jacket, which is such a good blazer alternative and comes in a few colors.

etoile jacket

This velvet Etoile Isabel Marant jacket is happy loud in a way I can really get behind.

dreyfuss bag

And this Jerome Dreyfuss bag seems like the handbag version of a little black dress.

apc coat

This coat has a really cool slight metallic sheen.

alc dress

I think the silhouette on this dress is very nearly universally flattering.

alc sweater

The relaxed neckline on this striped sweater appeals.

leather leggings

Leather leggings that don’t cost $900—a revelation.

iro coat

There was a ton of stuff from Iro on Outnet, including this fun and slightly trippy coat.

iro top

Since I can’t seem to go a day without showing a red top, here is today’s.

iro jacket1

I would appear to be really into loud outerwear lately, as I think this is fantastic.

lagence shirt

This silk-and-cotton shirt has a cool back-tie thing going on.

lagence top

I bought this top from L’Agence when it was selling for retail, and wear it a ton, and really like its deep neckline.

mih jeans cape

I raved about this cape here when it was on Net a Porter, and still think it is completely adorable.

monrow sweats

Just a good pair of grey-on-grey camo sweats.

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4 Thoughts on Shopping the discount stores, part 3: The Outnet
    28 Mar 2018

    The Outnet is my FAVORITE for bargains. I only shop brands I already know & love to avoid most fit issues. And handbags. I have several fab bags from The Outnet. So satisfying!

    I bought the L’Agence tank top. Thanks for pointing that out, Kim! A keeper for sure.


    28 Mar 2018

    hmm. i didn’t know about Outnet. i guess i’ll be coming up for air later today.


    28 Mar 2018

    I have that first Iro jacket (the “Agnette” if you want to search for it elsewhere) in three, yes three, colors, and wear it constantly — the ridiculously overpriced yet absolutely perfect ATM hoodie Kim has shown on here a couple times is the PERFECT underlayer for it, FYI.

    Note to the busty: It’s a loose cotton weave and can be soaked and stretched for a nice tight fit with no pulling.


    28 Mar 2018

    I love the Outnet! I’ve found a lot of great things there over the years.



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