My favorite little luxuries right now


As we trudge into, like, the one hundredth month of 2020, I think it’s important not to fall too far down the rabbit hole of sweats-wearing and Netflix binge-watching in whichever tiny ways we can, and keep up appearances, as it were. That’s why, even though on a typical day I may or may not see somebody I want to smell nice for, I use my Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady Hair and Body Oil: it’s my favorite scent, and a good bit less powerful than the perfume itself, which can come on strong.

I really prefer my sweaters to be cashmere, especially now. This one from Naked Cashmere is nice and roomy with a deep V-neck, and the price is pretty good too.

Lipstick sales are down these days, for obvious reasons, but I don’t entirely feel like myself if I’m not wearing it; hence, all my favorite cloth masks are stained on the inside. This is my current favorite hue: Royal from Kosas. It’s super-lightweight, and leaves a nice, berry-ish stain.

I’m always wearing a few charms around my neck on a gold chain, including this show-stopping James Colarusso faceted heart, which is just a little too beautiful. Usually hearts strike me as corny, but this not this one, which has a lovely, sculptural appeal.

My hair is a messy rat’s nest after I’ve shampooed, so I work some of this stuff through my tangles and then comb it out with this Mason Pearson number, and it’s as good as gold: smooth and undamaged.

I love Chantelle panties: they’re super-comfortable and breathable, but at the same time just the right amount of sexy.

I have a notebook in which I jot down ideas I’ve had for the podcast, or for this blog, or lists of recommended books and movies and the like, and when I’m writing in it I use this Rifle Paper Co. pen, which is so pretty, and also nice and substantial and makes me feel like whatever I’m writing down is important, even if it’s just a shopping list.


I have raved about this blow dryer before: it is lightning-fast, and seems to do less damage to my hair than typical blow dryers. It’s pricey, but Dermstore is forever running specials on it, so keep an eye out.

I splurged on this python wallet from Jerome Dreyfuss years ago, and it wasn’t cheap at all, and I had a decent amount of buyer’s remorse. But it has turned out to be a pretty genius purchase: historically, my wallets look trashed after a year or two, but this one still looks just about as good as the day I acquired it.  Here’s something similar and cheaper (though, alas, still not cheap), also from Dreyfuss.







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9 Thoughts on My favorite little luxuries right now
    22 Sep 2020

    I just love Kosas lipstick! Bought one in “Rosewater” after hearing a plug for it on your podcast and I really do feel polished when I slick it on and dab a little on my cheeks.


    22 Sep 2020

    The little luxuries are getting me through right now. Great list!


    22 Sep 2020

    Damn, those Chantelle panties are LIT!

    I agree that we can’t melt into sweats on the daily. Standards and all… I force myself to wear a flowy dress or “hard” pants a few times a week.


      22 Sep 2020

      I’ve worn jeans two days & two flights in a row, and my new value-sized tummy & thighs are not having it. I should have trained for this better—a few hours a day in pants with zippers before the real thing.


    22 Sep 2020

    I’ve been telling myself that I deserve a luxury today. And it might be Cheetos. My masks will be stained orange.


    22 Sep 2020

    Love your blog. Just wanted to share that they have these face mask brackets on Amazon so your mask is more breathable and *bonus* your lipstick stays put.


    22 Sep 2020

    I have always been a fan of wearing lipstick at home. Meanwhile, I am luxuriating in absurdity. I saw the Tiny Desk concert of the Korean boy band BTS and now I totally want to dress like all of them! This is remarkable because orange features heavily in their group look in this concert; orange is the favorite color of a former sociopathic boss of mine, which put me off the color for decades. I particularly like the look of the vest-wearing guy. I really hope the mothers of BTS members snatch their sons’ clothes when they’re not looking, at least the neck scarves and jewelry!


    22 Sep 2020

    I want two luxuries right now: when my cast comes off Oct. 1st I want to spend the afternoon in the shower getting my entire body wet instead of doing a hybrid tub thing with a plastic bag on my arm and the second luxury I have a desire for is a collar/necklace a la RBG to wear when I go vote. Sidenote: I LOVE Kosas lipsticks because they don’t feel like lipsticks at all.


    23 Sep 2020

    Goodness, I love Jerome Dreyfuss’ handbags and I love mini wallets and French wallets. A wallet would be a great entry-level JD item to get.



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