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If I stand on my tiptoes, I can see the end of summer, and I don’t like it one bit. This is without a doubt my favorite season, and the only time of year I wear dresses. So I thought I’d throw a few more at you, because I’m just not ready to start showing you fall clothes yet. Some of the specimens here are summery through and through, but a lot of them are from pre-fall collections, and pretty suitable for wear once weather turns chillier. I think the neckline here is just gorgeous.

I’m not crazy about the rope belt that this one comes with, but I love the embroidery. I’d wear it belt-less, or sub out one of my own.

Such pretty shoulder details on this jersey maxi. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of maxis—generally speaking, they don’t do anyone’s figure favors— but this one is cut so flatteringly.

This just looks so comfortable, and the orange is fun.

Here’s an option you could wear year-round.

Such a flirty little confection.

Red and black is a favorite of mine, and I like how the ruching makes the hemline adjustable.

Sort of hippie girl, but clean-lined enough for the office.

A black floral, nicely priced.

White embroidery is always kind of unexpected.


Another good floral, with a quite lovely cut.

This is rather 70s, in a good way.

As I previously mentioned, flatteringly-cut maxis are tough to come by, but I believe this is one.

A perfectly simple tank dress.

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10 Thoughts on More summer dresses
    7 Aug 2017

    Since you’re taking requests, any chance you can do a post on petites? Good petite options–dresses especially–are hard to come by. Thanks!


    7 Aug 2017

    It’s so nice to see dresses with (comfortable!) waists after so many years of sack dresses. I mean, I love me a sack dress and all, but these 30’s – 40’s – 70’s-ish shapes are so feminine and wearble and pretty much universally flattering, especially the ones with crossover busts. You look good in them without hardly having to try. And I am lazy as hell, so.

    BTW, this summer has been so crappy – it’s 62 here right now – part of me is over it and part of me is throwing a temper tantrum about it being over so soon. I totally get now why people from my part of the country move to Florida and Arizona when they retire, because seriously, eff being cold. Being cold sucks. Wah wah, life is so unfair, etc. etc. etc. The End.


    7 Aug 2017

    As a borderline plus size women I just love how you have been including a wider range of sizes and styles.


    7 Aug 2017

    Request: how to dress for a low-key job interview? What do people wear in offices these days, anyway?


      7 Aug 2017

      I don’t know your industry, but I’m in advertising. I’m 37, and I will usually do (good) jeans, a cool t shirt, and some sort of blazer for an interview, with sneakers or clogs. Day-to-day is jeans and a button up, or a jumpsuit, or big crazy pants and a graphic tee. I’m a “creative” so can get away with a lot, though.


    7 Aug 2017

    So many of these dresses are pretty sheer. Just wondering what other women wear under them–a few of these I’d snatch up in a second, but I’m not a fan of wearing slips and every dress I come across these days is unlined.


    Hick from Styx
    7 Aug 2017

    I have ordered a dress that is a hybrid of several of these styles: black, below the knee, with a subtle floral and embroidery at the neck, three-quarter sleeves, slightly tiered skirt, somewhat sheer with an attached slip dress that can be removed for wear as a top over a tank and skinny jeans or leggings. It’s v-neck with a slight Empire waist. Hard to describe, but just the thing as we transition to fall. Now all it has to do is fit.I have block heel booties to make the look complete.

    I’m happy to welcome fall as relief from the wind blowing smoke from forest fires into the city. The extreme heat and drought make it gritty smoke…months of this. Not loving being trapped indoors by UV that’s extreme, either. No house A/C, but the car’s A/C filter quickly turns yellow (?!) with all this.

    Today rain is finally on the way, but not without a thumderstorm and the inevitable hail/tornado? WTH — all we need now is locusts. I’ll let you know if they arrive.


    7 Aug 2017

    I appreciate you showing a range of sizes but big girls of a certain age don’t want to wear jersey when 90+ and hella humid. Would love cotton or linen options w/ short sleeves so we don’t have add another layer #justsaynotosummershrugs



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