Madewell ventures into extended sizes territory


I’d heard a while back that Madewell was looking to expand their selection of sizes, and this little collection is a very nice start. I’ve chosen some of my favorite pieces, starting with their classic short-sleeved Central Shirt.

A good basic army jacket that looks nicely broken-in, but not sloppy.

I dig the button pockets on this chambray shirt, and the nice faded wash.

Madewell now offers jeans in sizes up to 35. This pair has been tailored specifically for those with an hourglass shape.

Just a cute floral top on a black background, which is how I like them best.

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4 Thoughts on Madewell ventures into extended sizes territory
    2 Aug 2018

    The extended sizing is much appreciated. But, what has happened to Madewell’s style? They used to produce clothes that were wearable, with just the right touch of quirk. What happened to the block print tunics; the vintage inspired silk blouses; the two-tone painter’s pants that I loved so much? I suppose they are aiming for more universal appeal (and higher sales figures). But, I hope they get their spark back. At the moment, I don’t see much on their site that I couldn’t buy at a dozen other stores.


    Yvonne Stender
    3 Aug 2018

    It’s about time. I hope this works out for them. If it does, then maybe they can get some real plus sized models rather than these barely size 12 ladies. But I guess they have to start somewhere.


    3 Aug 2018

    I find it very interesting that both Gap Inc brands and the JCrew/Madewell brands both expanded their size ranges after a certain CEO left. That said, I’m glad they are both being more inclusive.


    6 Aug 2018

    I read that Madewell exceeded earning expectations in the first quarter, so they must be doing something right – they certainly are with me. I’m buying more from them than I have from J Crew, Gap or Old Navy. Their stuff fits me well and it’s, um….made well!



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