In the mood for lower-heeled booties

First off, I can barely walk in my higher-heeled boots these days, and secondly, all of these just look kind of right to me for wearing at the moment. I especially like the cone heel on these sock booties.

dolce vita booties

And I think these look endlessly versatile.

topshop bootie

This pair is just super-cheap.

free people bootie

I’m getting the tiniest goth vibe off of these.


mars bootie

It’s Rachel Comey’s Mars bootie, which my most stylish friend wears all winter long.

loeffler bootie

Another sock bootie, in glittery gold and black—perfect for a party. Here it is in black if that’s more your thing.

fisher bootie

You could totally wear this with a dress.

beard bootie

A really quite elegant option from Veronica Beard.

campbell bootie

I like the mix of textures here.


aqua bootie

This pair is weatherproof, which is cool.

dee bootie

While this white pair reminds me somewhat of being a majorette, I also think there can be something very chic about a white boot.


Here’s a post I did on backpacks not long ago.

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