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Memorial Day weekend is alarmingly close, and once that happens I think people will be wanting to get out of wherever Dodge happens to be for them to the beach, the mountains, wherever, in record numbers. And maybe you’ll need a spiff new bag for that? I especially like this durable, well-priced, and versatile one from Herschel.

I dig the way leather accents jazz up this Madewell bag.

This one from Tumi has a pretty perfect boxy shape, and because it’s Tumi, it will likely last forever.

This Filson bag is meant for men, but I think it is just impossibly chic.

This recycled canvas bag is a bit of a risk in white, but so elegant.

I like that this one is expandable but doesn’t look like it is.

A gorgeous leather weekender that’s actually a garment bag, which is clever. It’s not cheap, though, and neither is this cloth one, but it is at least cheaper.

Another leather specimen that looks like it would only get better with age.

Here’s another impractical one, color-wise, but I think it’s just so good.

The exterior pockets here would make this one handy for airplane travel.

I’m crazy for the chevron stitching on this otherwise simple duffle.

This Tumi tote is another one that would be ideal for the plane—I’m a fan of the more vertical shape.

And how could I not include this oversized yellow one?

This one folds up into nothing, making it perfect if you’re the type of person who comes home with more stuff than she left with.

Just a cute, monogrammable canvas bag that would appear to fit a ton.

This one is big enough to work for an especially long weekend.

You can’t beat L.L. Bean for something classic and very durable, and I like the combination of hues here.

And finally: a Dagne dover bag that comes with a whole ton of interior and exterior pockets.


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8 Thoughts on Let’s check out some weekender bags
    17 May 2021

    Love the sandals in pic of first Tumi bag.


    17 May 2021

    I love weekender bags and there are many appealing options here. Just the idea of them, the promise of breezy, last minute, grab and go out the door travel for a summer weekend somewhere fun—all of it just calls to me. Lo & Sons also makes a nice weekender. I want them all. All the bags, and all the weekend trips. Wishing you many happy summer weekends this year!


    17 May 2021

    I have the Dagne Dover bag in a small size and use it as my everyday bag. It’s a very pretty, versatile shade of dusky mauve called Dune. It’s been absolutely great, especially during the pandemic, because of all the great pockets and dividers. Even though mine is purse sized it fits a ton, is washable and keeps everything perfectly organized. After a year it still looks brand new!


    17 May 2021

    Nice bags! The picture for the sixth bag is a repeat of the Madewell bag although the link goes to the intended bag.


    13 Jun 2021

    The link for the fabulous yellow suede bag isn’t working! I’m dying….


    21 May 2021

    Having arrived last night from my trip from Austin to NY––four days driving, three nights in hotels––I’m voting for anything Tumi, the Parvel and the Herschel. And for those wondering…most people were wearing masks in Texas and Virginia––very little mask wearing in Arkansas or Tennessee or New Jersey. All the many, many rest areas I stopped in for my 13 yr-old-dog were clean except for Arkansas where I felt like I needed a hazmat suit in order to pee (I used Clorox wipes instead). Hampton Inns have sealed rooms, Fairfield Inns were ok and the Westin in New Jersey where I spent only four hours I used six Clorox wipes.


    18 May 2021

    I have a verson of the Hook & Albert, which is ingenius – the garmet bag feature makes it great for a weekend wedding trip or anywhere you need to pack some hanging items and don’t want a separate bag. It fits a ton of stuff, but that also makes it heavy when packed. It is better for car trips than plane rides – it isn’t that squishy and I ended up having to gate check it when I couldn’t squeeze it into an overhead.


    17 May 2021

    I have the Filson duffle in the smallest size and in olive green, and it is excellent. I get compliments whenever I use it. Even the small is roomy enough for a weekend’s worth of clothes and my quite huge toiletry case. The canvas can take quite a beating as well.



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