Let’s check out some polka dots


My posts on polka dots are never very long, because I’m so picky about them. If they’re executed well, they can be fun and cute and sweet, but if they’re not so well-executed they skew pretty silly and costume-y. And while it’s also true that I prefer a small dot to a big one—which can look a bit too Minnie Mouse for my taste—I think this shirtdress is just aces, because the dots are so graphic and op-art-like.

Just an easy top for wearing under a blazer or on its own.

I love the interplay between the dots on this tote and the cute little pom-poms.

I think this is such a nice green, and I like the mixture of dots and bird silhouettes here.

The tonal dots on this popover make it just that much more exciting than a plain white popover.

This top just seems like fun to me, and it’s cropped just enough to look good with higher-waisted jeans.

A slouchy silk blouse with handy patch pockets.

The pleated skirt on this shirtdress is a nicely polished touch.

A slightly trippy (and rather splurgy) sweatshirt from Margiela.

I don’t typically like puffy sleeves, but everything else here is so streamlined that I think they really work.

How great is the combination of stripes and dots on this Rag & Bone top?


This PLAY Comme des Garcons tee, with the trademark heart logo, is just so cute and versatile.

The smocking on this seersucker shirt is both sexy and unexpected.


And finally, this pleated top just hangs really elegantly.


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6 Thoughts on Let’s check out some polka dots
    14 Jun 2021

    My grandma loved them. That’s the tweet (as they say). 😉


    14 Jun 2021

    I LOVE polka dots as long as they are tiny. Debated the Nordstrom dress (puffy sleeves and all) till I realized how much it billowed out on the model in the side shot.


    14 Jun 2021

    As I was scrolling through I saw the pecan/cream pleated skirt shirt dress and thought, “That’s so Kate Middleton” and then clicked on it to see that it’s from an English company. I realize that makes me sound like a royalty obsessed Anglophile, but truly, very truly, I’m not. I love polka dots, but own nothing with polka dots because I don’t wear them well. Loads of great selections here. Lot’s of ’60’s nods and you have to kinda love that.


    14 Jun 2021

    If I were a person who liked silk shirts (they make me feel sweaty – is that weird???)(do I want to know, if it is????) … and, if I could be sure that is navy, I’d be into the Equipment one. Verrrrry cute.


      14 Jun 2021

      That first, huge dot AMI one is interesting too … and it is crying out to have its buttons replaced with black ones. It is nice and blousey though.


        14 Jun 2021

        Hmm on second thought, you’d have to re-do the button hole too. Not that that would be that hard. Otoh maybe some people want it to be clear that it is a shirtdress? Okay now I am stopping…



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