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Can you even believe that Memorial Day is practically upon us? It sneaks up on me every year.  I have all the weekenders I need—I’ve got a little bit of a luggage problem—but I always get requests for this post once the weather turns warm, so here you go. This Fjallraven bag is kind of the perfect size, and I like the poppy blue.

adidas weekender

This is actually a gym bag, but I really like the pink.

tibi weekender

This splurgy denim and leather number is deeply chic.

loeffler tote

I love the rainbow-stripe handles on this Loeffler Randall tote.

bean weekender

A cute, kind of preppy option.

camo weekender

I like the combination of camo and stripes on this one from Herschel.

paravel weekender

A perfectly simple, elegant choice.

sole weekender

This has one of those separate bottom sections for shoes, which is so handy.

filson duffel

If you don’t mind making a little investment, you could do far worse than to acquire this classic duffel from Filson.

madewell weekender

This one from Madewell kind of somehow reminds me of the Filson bag, but it’s more reasonably priced.

bluma weekender

A combination of vintage and indigenous textiles makes this one truly standout .

leather weekender

The cheapest leather weekender I could find is this one from LL Bean.

mackage weekender

I do like a quilted bag, and this one is nicely marked down.

clare v weekender

Here’s a very sportif waxed canvas weekender from Clare V.

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6 Thoughts on Just in time for Memorial Day: weekenders
    Lynn in Tucson
    23 May 2018

    I have a super cute, striped weekender but I’ve never used it. I don’t “get” the weekender. You fill it, it’s heavy and hard to carry. Is this just a from-the-car-to-the-B&B kind of thing? When would you use it instead of a rolling bag?


      23 May 2018

      I prefer a smaller bag esp if I’m only traveling for one night, or a summer weekend where I’m bringing maybe 2 sundresses, a nightie and a bikini. Roller bags are a pain in the butt to get up stairs, on and off public transportation, etc. Not to mention if you’re going to a city – I had dragging a roller bag through city streets.


    23 May 2018

    Sorry but my ankles are chafing just looking at how she’s wearing her converse laces in the first pic.


    McLaren Brennan
    23 May 2018

    The shoelace anklets in the Fjallraven photo are amazing!


    23 May 2018

    I envy people who can get all that they need for a long weekend in a small bag. I’ve never been able to do it and I’m really not that heavy of a packer. Or maybe I’m just not going to the right places for the weekend, LOL, like the beach. Then again: swimsuit, coverup, flip flops, sandals, dress for the evening, underwear, light jacket, hat, toiletries, book, iPad, phone . . . yep, still can’t do it! I do have a weekender that I use as carry on, though.


    27 May 2018

    I’m seriously considering the Filson or going the opposite direction with the Cuyana Le Sud Leather travel bag. The Filson can likely take a beating better than the Cuyana, but I do like the polish of an all-leather bag. They are in the same price range. What do you guys think? I would love to hear the thoughts of the GOACA community!



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