Just a bunch of tees I like


stripe tee

The tees here have little in common—save that a few of them are striped—and this isn’t the tightest edit I’ve ever lobbed your way. But I’ve got T-shirts on my mind now that the weather is at LAST turning warmer, so I thought it might be fun to round up a few I like, starting with this one from Madewell. The fact that the stripes don’t start all the way at the top gives it a very Breton vibe.

joie tee

The Mexican-looking embroidery here is quite sweet.

splendid tee

The contrasting collar here adds just the right amount of interest.

kule tee

Yellow stripes are right on trend.

u neck tee

The deep U-neck here is quite appealing to me.

cutaway tee

This is from Universal Standard, and I think the neckline is pretty sexy.

madewell u neck

As is the one here.

lerner tee

The flutter sleeve and black hue dress this one up a bit.

football tee

So sportif, and excellently well-priced.


levis tee

I can never pass over a red, white, and blue stripe.

splendid tee1

Just a really good army green.

flutter tee

The gathered neck and flutter sleeves make this tee a flattering choice.

monrow tee

Grey-on-grey camo just might be my favorite camo, especially when it’s faded out like this.

knot front tee
Knot-front tees
 are a favorite of mine: so comfortable and flattering.

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2 Thoughts on Just a bunch of tees I like
    3 May 2018

    Liked so many of these, but ended up getting the Everlane color block in b/w to wear with b/w gingham flats I found when you did your Nordstrom Rack roundup and I strayed into the shoes.


    3 May 2018

    so what grabbed my eye was not any of the t-shirts…albeit cute…but those jeans…the wide legged cropped button front jeans from madewell…(U-necked striped T)…yep. on their way. #downtherabbithole



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