I’ve got some more stuff up for sale on the Real Real


I did another closet purge recently, and the spoils of that purge are now available to you. Check out the excellent woven detail on this Clare V bag.

The silhouette of this silk Alexander Wang dress didn’t quite work for me—I do better with a tighter fit in the skirt, but on you it could be aces.

This Creatures of Comfort bucket bag doesn’t look like much here, but it’s actually pretty chic, and is roomy enough to function as a travel tote.

The tie-dye pattern on this Ulla Johnson dress is as just about the most sophisticated tie-dye I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know why I never cottoned to this Ramy Brook top because it is so far up my alley.

Just a great Zero+Maria Cornejo tube skirt with cool (and flattering) draping.

I actually really adore this Zero+Maria Cornejo poncho, but it swallowed me up a bit; it’d be perfect on somebody of height.

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One Thought on I’ve got some more stuff up for sale on the Real Real
    28 Aug 2018

    The bag is mine! Great way to start the day! And I love when good stuff gets a second life.



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