A few items currently idling in my various shopping carts

mansur gavriel sweater

I like to fill my shopping carts with items I may or may not end up buying—sometimes the mere act of putting some desired piece there is enough (although alas, not nearly so often as I’d like). And mostly—but not always—the items that tick away time in my shopping carts are on the pricey side (obviously, as they’re the ones I’m the most anxious about pulling the trigger on). Like this furry silk sweater from Mansur Gavriel that I feel is very nearly perfect.

bum bum body wash

A while back, I mentioned that I’ve become a fan of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream—in large part because of its super-beachy, fresh scent. Well, my fixation has only grown, and I crave that excellent smell in the shower with me too: hence the presence of this body wash in my Sephora shopping cart.

j crew bandana

This cotton leopard print bandana from J. Crew is just the cuteness: I’d use it to wear my hair back in the summer.

ganni jacket

And as long as we’re on leopard print, this Ganni jacket has me very intrigued. I like the navy jersey touches, which somehow make it come off more polished than many leopard print jackets.

ganni dress

At the risk of going overboard on leopard print: this amazingly graceful dress.

isabel marant top

This Isabel Marant top costs too much for what it is, but it’s so sweet and just a little sexy.

nili lotan arlo blouse

And another spendy top, this time from Nili Lotan: I’d wear it layered over a simple black silk cami.

adidas leggings

These all-in-one shorts/leggings are perfect for days when I’m not interested in the world examining my rear on the way to yoga class.

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