I’m really feeling yellow


Sure, it’s not the easiest color to wear, but you’d be surprised what you can get away with if you have a nice strong red lip, or you can make sure it’s not the closest color to your face. Case in point: this awesome overcoat, which allows you to both embrace yellow and have a more flattering hue next to your skin.

A cute, worn-in-looking graphic tee.

These wide-leg pants have sweet front patch pockets and a nicely cropped cut.

A pretty sundress with a happy starburst pattern.

I love the shape of this Rachel Comey sweatshirt—it’s just a bit more polished than your usual sweatshirt.

A short-sleeved cardigan that couldn’t be a whole lot chicer.

I don’t always love a polka dotted top, but this one is just so damned cheery.

A really clean-lined peasant blouse for dressing way up or down.

The floral print here is nicely subtle.

Such an easy, throw-it-on-and-go dress.

And here’s another easy dress that feels nicely sophisticated.

A bright pullover sweater that’s just the right amount of oversized.

A cute, slim-cut denim jacket with a most excellently frayed hem.

Here is what I would call a perfectly slouchy top, and the neckline is really good.

You can’t beat a classic rain slicker for style or convenience.

A smocked top in a nicely buttery hue.

This cardigan has a certain Kurt Cobain-ness that I like.

A tie-dye V-neck sweater that’s lightly distressed and looks like the most comfy thing ever.

A plaid jacket that looks entirely fresh, and ideal for the weather we’re having right now.

A very feminine dress that stops well short of prissy.


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5 Thoughts on I’m really feeling yellow
    27 Apr 2021

    I’m picky about my yellows — a soft, buttery shade like the last dress or that cheery rain slicker hue seems to work, but not the ones that lean toward gold, with their greenish undertone that makes me look ill. But those cute pants are a great solution!


    26 Apr 2021

    I disagree with your assessment, people of color can wear any shade of yellow….


    26 Apr 2021

    I can’t wear yellow next to my face, but it’s such a cheerful color! I might go for the pants although the BigBird fear factor looms.


    27 Apr 2021

    Love that marigold Proenza Schouler White Label coat, and esp. the ShopBop styling with the Docs and those ankle pants. Totally my style, even though I haven’t taken the yellow risk yet.


    26 Apr 2021

    I’m not a big yellow fan but adore the denim jacket, which is sitting in my cart but backlogged until July. Sigh.



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