Hoodies and some jackets to layer them under


Here is the combination that makes my sartorial world go around this time of year—and especially right this second, as it has been freezing out for mid-May, and when that kind of weather happens, layering up isn’t just a style proposition, but a necessity. This Nili Lotan hoodie is rather perfect—nice long sleeves, good crop, not-too-big front pockets—and might even be worth the cash if you are a dedicated hoodie-wearer.

Here’s one from Uniqlo that’s perfectly classic, exceptionally reasonably-priced, and available in a multitude of colors.

This quilted option is on the splurgy side, but I am a sucker for quilted everything. It’s also slightly bulky, so you’d need to layer it with a bigger jacket.

This one from Gap is nice and long and butt-covering.

This denim workwear jacket is just so very perfect: clean lines, spiff bracelet sleeves, and a nice off-white hue.

My friend Michelle says hoodies layered under blazers is “Very mid-aughts,” and I see her point, but we both agree it’s still a very good look. This Everlane blazer is such an excellent, chic blue, and the cotton-linen blend is great moving into summer.

An army green jacket with a slight bomber shape.

Your standard Levi’s denim jacket—but a bit oversized, which makes it ideal for layering.

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5 Thoughts on Hoodies and some jackets to layer them under
    15 May 2019

    Love me a hoodie. Wear them almost daily if only to take Betty out for her early morning walk. I can vouch for the Gap hoodie quality. I have one that’s about five years old and is still holding up well in spite of muddy paw lunges (from OTHER dogs), frequent washing (see muddy paws) and general abuse––I tend to throw outer wear to the back of my car or it ends up on the floor of the car and is thus trampled and forgotten until I’m looking for it. Give me a hoodie and an army jacket and I’m ready for anything!


    15 May 2019

    Check this out – it’s basically a long hoodie, and I *may* have thought of GoaCA when I bought it. I wear it almost every day, sometimes w/a blazer or denim jacket under it. Comes in other colors, too. (And Shin, owner of Lingo on Mott St. in NYC says it’s a perennial and she carries it every year. I never would have seen it had she not pulled it out for me.) https://www.prairieunderground.com/shop/long-cloak-hoodie-black/


    16 May 2019

    Still love a hoodie under a jacket but the older I get (read menopausal) I can’t bear any polyester in a layer. If anyone sees an awesome 100% cotton or cashmere one that costs less than a mortgage payment, please post!


    Susan Davis
    16 May 2019

    I love love love a white hoodie on a cool summer night. Travels well too. A little fancier than grey, and I own way too much black.


    17 May 2019

    The Levi’s jacket is PERFECT for me.

    Gotta say, I’m not seeing the Everlane blazer in a flattering light, and they’re churning out so much new stuff every.damned.week. So, how do they continue to call themselves sustainable?



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