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I have come to dread fall slightly, as it augurs winter, my least favorite season of all. But I do like fall clothes better than any other season’s, and this year am craving a new blazer or two. Here’s Rag & Bone’s Slade blazer—a GOACA perennial bestseller—done in soft stretch wool. I also really dig the bold gold buttons.

An oversized plaid number with cool pops of blue.

A fishbone plaid jacket that’s nicely graphic.  I also like it in this cream and black iteration.

A slightly shrunken navy corduroy blazer from J. Crew that I’m very tempted by.

This is slightly heavier, for those first slightly cooler days.

And here’s a very snappy option that rings in at just under $150, comes in a couple of other good colors, and comes in sizes up to 4XL.

I like the wide wale corduroy here, and the fact that it kind of resembles the shape of a chore jacket.

This most assuredly looks like it costs more than $150, but in fact it does not.

A chic and cozy sweater blazer.

This camel number is so excellently slouchy.

A cool denim choice that’s polished enough for work (or work Zoom calls).

The contrast of gold and army green on this tweed jacket is just so good.

And finally, a lapel-less option from Kule that I both think is kind of weird and pretty great.


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6 Thoughts on Fall preview: Blazers
    30 Aug 2022

    The Rag and Bone Slade blazer is one of my favorite items in my closet. I’m intrigued by the gold button version though I like the subtle flair of the black buttons. I love it so much, I’ve been thinking about getting it in another color. I like the sweater blazer here, too. Basically, I want all my clothes, including blazers, to feel like a hug.


    29 Aug 2022

    I love blazers, so I love this post! And I’m lucky that in Florida, in the winter (or should I say, “winter”??), a blazer is sufficient outerwear on its own— I really think of it as another kind of jacket. I like all of these options a lot, but especially the camel Sézane and the plaid Madewell. Am dying for a cozy oversized one like that!


    29 Aug 2022

    I love this posting (because I love blazers) and, at the same time, find it terribly depressing because it means summer is over. The Rag and Bone and the excellent Madewell with the HUGE patch pockets are rather tempting and I’m loving just about everything Kule is putting out right now. Also, the Rag and Bone just goes to a blank page for me––don’t know if anyone else is having that issue.


    29 Aug 2022

    oh..I love blazers, but I have virtually no place to wear them. I have 2 — a black one and a navy one … just in case I need to be office ready for an interview, etc. … but it never occurs to me to wear them casually. I’m much more of a sweater person. I AM tempted by that Madewell sweater blazer but cream and dry clean only is a bit YIKES for me. I’m such mess. Of course my favorite one is the Kule one, but unfortunately doesn’t exist in my size. Boohoo Kule!


    29 Aug 2022

    What a fun post! Perhaps a corduroy pantsuit is what’s missing from life (even with “flare” pants which don’t seem to flare)? If I were a person who looked decent in blazers, I’d want a bunch of these. I like the Slade (though, it may be too identifiable for me). The denim would be great except for the sleeves (but they wouldn’t bother me on someone else). I am intrigued by the kule one. … … … I am sorry to hear that winter is difficult for people. Maybe what is needed is to plan a trip! And the earlier you start, the longer you get to anticipate.


    29 Aug 2022

    I have that Anine Bing jacket! I got it a couple years ago, and glad that it still feels current.

    It’s heavier than you might expect, so I use it as a lightweight coat. It’s a little too hot to wear inside.



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