Everything is 30% off at Allsaints right now


I don’t love everything by this brand—some of it is just too young and/or tricky—but with some digging, you can find any number of good pieces. Like their leather jackets, for instance, or this cute striped sweater.

I like the roominess of this sweater, and its solitary heather grey stripe.

I’ve shown you this metallic sweater before, but it’s so good that I had to surface it again now that it’s marked down.

I love the idea of a white puffer, and this one has such a good shape.

A leopard print jacket in cool grey and black.

And here’s a cute faux fur jacket that’d look so great if everything else you were wearing was black (which isn’t a stretch for many of you, I know).

This biker jacket is nicely minimal, and the just-right amount of cropped.

A chic overcoat for wearing with just about anything.

This cashmere and wool sweater is so excellently big and huggy.

I am crazy for the color combination on this plaid jacket.

I love a dark trench, and this cotton one is a great length. I also like this wool blend trench.

And finally: a cute asymmetrical sweater that’d be aces with skinny black jeans, just as shown here.

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8 Thoughts on Everything is 30% off at Allsaints right now
    18 Nov 2020

    I love the oversized cozy black sweater, and I even like the simple way it’s styled. But I want to ask the model in the red plaid jacket, “Why so angry?” (Lucky always had happy models which was one of the things I loved about it.)


    Jen B.
    18 Nov 2020

    I love All Saints because they make me feel like a skinny British girl except I can only rarely find anything from All Saints to wear because I’m not a skinny British girl.


      18 Nov 2020

      This is how I feel about AllSaints. So much to like in terms of aesthetics, so much to really dislike in terms of size inclusivity. The largest size they sell is a US 10 for Pete’s sake!!! I have literally, even at my very skinniest, never been able to fit into one of their garments.


    18 Nov 2020

    Three years ago I bought a white coat similar to the puffer here. I loved it but of course it is impossible to keep clean. I guess I thought I’d eventually become adult enough for this to stop happening, alas not yet. Maybe in my 50s?


      18 Nov 2020

      Or, speaking from experience here, maybe not….


    18 Nov 2020

    Up early this morning (thank you, insomnia) and loving all these selections. I stand here wearing a blue plaid large overshirt, yet I find I am DESPERATE for the red plaid overshirt. (overshirt, by the way is not a word, but should be) I also desperately need the black sweater with the one lone stripe because it’s going to be 81 degrees here tomorrow so the need is obvious. Sidenote about AllSaints leather jackets: I ordered three (or four) of them three years ago trying to find a leather jacket that fit and none of them did. The arms were tight and long and the shoulders were so snug I could only fit a tee underneath. That was three years ago so their sizing may have changed, but just relating my own experience. On the other hand, the leather was beautiful and all three (or four) jackets were well made.


      18 Nov 2020

      Yup. Same experience with their leather jackets. Their fit model must have arms like linguini.


      18 Nov 2020

      “Leather jackets need to be touched and tried on – too many variables to order online.” – The woman who ordered – and returned zillions (and *may* still have a ridiculously tiny one she forgot to return in time) only to find the perfect one on her sole Covid NYC outing. (So glad to have been w/a masked friend who ordered her to march in and try the one in window.)



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