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I realized a while back that I can’t continue to shop at the pace I had gotten used to and expect to retain or accrue any savings whatsoever, so I’m trying really hard to be good. And for the most part, I have been. But this week tested my will in some meaningful ways, and I think I deserve a goddamned medal for not buying this truly quite perfect Nili Lotan denim blazer.

Or this bright yellow clutch, which I feel would make any outfit significantly cooler.

This phone case tempted me as well, with its excellent red and blue leopard print.

Retailers are starting to show fall clothes now if you can believe it, and mostly I’m not ready to look at any of it, but this Rachel Comey corduroy jacket is just so good.

These shiny bright red mules are a good height for walking, and would look as good with a dress as they would with jeans.

How adorable and comfortable-looking is this striped Teddy?

And finally, here’s something I might very well let myself purchase, as it costs a mere $50: a tee dress from Everlane with a generous side slit that adds a nice dose of sophistication, and the tiniest hint of sexiness.

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4 Thoughts on Everything I wanted to buy last week
    17 Jul 2018

    We’re on the same page with that Rachel Comey jacket. It would look like hell on me, but I keep going back to ogle it anyway because it is undeniably excellent.


    17 Jul 2018

    The Comey jacket and red mules would spice up anyone’s fall wardrobe. But yeah, I just checked the prices, oof…


    17 Jul 2018

    The blue of that denim blazer is perfect & I would be buying that and the red mules if I was independently wealthy. I saw the Everlane dress last week in my email when it was introduced, will have to purchase before it is gone!


    20 Jul 2018

    Kim, you are hereby awarded the “Insane Amounts of Willpower” Medal for not buying that denim blazer. It’s GOOD!
    I get really excited about planning my fall wardrobe purchases when I see all of the new stuff coming out, but I’m not ready yet, either. Although, I’m surprised that I like the yellow Comey jacket as much as I do since I’m not a big fan of the shade. Just goes to show that one’s eye can get used to something if one sees it enough.



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