Cute spring tops for under $100, part 1


As I’ve mentioned before, I do not love what’s happening in fashion right now: all the ruffles and frou frou touches are getting me down, and I was frankly concerned I wouldn’t find enough tops to populate this post. Happily, my fears were unfounded—there are so many cute tops for under $100 that I’ve actually turned this post into a two-parter. So be sure to come back tomorrow, and in the meantime, how sweet is this smocked gauze top?

This oversized button down comes in a variety of appealing striped colorways.

Just a rather perfect button-down with the exact right amount of slouch.

A tie-neck top that’d be great with khaki chinos.

This scoopneck top is romantic without being prissy.

This gauze popover comes in more wearable colors, but I’m of course taken with the yellow. It also reminds me of this Xirena top that costs close to twice as much.

A simple blue and white floral print makes this top standout.

A rather perfect chambray popover for throwing on whenever.

I really (and unexpectedly) love the lilac hue on this linen shirt.

An oversized tunic for wearing out with jeans, or lounging around at home in whatever.

A fun striped peasant top with appealing pops of blue.

This chambray shirt is everything I want in a chambray shirt: it’s got good pockets, a nice wash, and not-too-oversized fit.

I think this ruched tee looks handmade. It’s also kind of sexy.

There’s a fun, tiny floral print on this short-sleeved button down.

Such a good green zebra print on this tee.

I swear by Madewell’s Central Shirt in warm weather: it’s the perfect weight and cut for when it’s hot out.

And finally: the tonal stripes here are so spiff.

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7 Thoughts on Cute spring tops for under $100, part 1
    5 Apr 2022

    No ruffles, please. All these shirts have appeal (except for the black scoop neck Anthropologie top which reads too “Bridgerton” to me––and I love WATCHING Bridgerton I just don’t want to LOOK Bridgerton) Such a good group of blouses, Kim!!


      6 Apr 2022

      I would dress Bridgie if I thought I could get away with it. Maybe just a coat or something. Which reminds me, isn’t there a clothing line? I should go look at it. These types of garments never fit me though.


    5 Apr 2022

    I’m just bored and grossed out by all clothing now. I don’t like all the volume, but I don’t want tight either. The seasonal color palette is not flattering to me at all! Nothing feels comfortable and in SoCal, we’re having bi-monthly heat waves so it’s impossible to pick an outfit and stay with it all day. Layering is bloody boring, plus it makes for more laundry……….grumble, grumble, grumpy, grumble….


      5 Apr 2022

      Come sit by me!! For me, it is (still) the time change. I just do not like them. I think I am a standard time person. Oh well. Gargoyle [me], more coffee!!


    Ann Altman
    5 Apr 2022

    I am also dismayed by the floral, ruffle poufy shit show that is happening all around us. Thank you for helping me find my way!


    5 Apr 2022

    You know, I really haven’t seen much of this foofy ruffle stuff walking around. Maybe I block it out. The thing is, I really like floral prints, so I am a bit on the fence about sommmme of it. And I am considering one of the Liberty shirts. (Not a big shopper. Will probably punt.) It is fascinating if people are really wearing stuff like the scary dress Kim linked to a while back. I do have one friend who wore a maxi with a print, but hers didn’t have ruffles, Idt. I thought it looked okay. Hmm.


    5 Apr 2022

    Signing up for the I Hate Ruffles bandwagon! I didn’t like them in the 80s and I don’t like them now, which really is limiting my options. My default for spring/summer is usually t-shirts; it’s already in the 80s here in Houston and long-sleeved button downs are a hard pass for me between April and November.



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