By popular demand: the best clothes for lounging around


A whole lot of you—and various other people in my life—have been after me to post my favorite clothes for lolling about, so here we go. I would say that if ever there was a time to spring for an Emerson Fry caftan, that time is now. It’s desperately comfortable, nicely lightweight, and so cute.

I also quite like this poppy yellow one, also from Emerson Fry.

I think this pink number is pretty glorious too.

I’d totally wear this nightdress out of the house once this is all over.

Same goes for this one.

I think this striped cotton caftan is sharp as hell.

And now, let’s move on to some pants. I like the slightly drop crotch on these  (which also come in black, but are not left in many sizes).

If you truly feel like you can’t get excited about getting dressed anymore and just want to hang out in PJs all day, try something snappy like this gingham set.

I posted these James Perse jersey pants a little while back, but I’ve been living in them—they’re as comfortable as sweats, and a tiny bit more dressed up.

And as far as sweats go, my absolute favorites are the Nolan pants from Nili Lotan (who is offering site-wide discounts at the moment, BTW). They’re almost too cute in this tiger stripe. And check it out: they’re on sale in the gunmetal.

I also like these wide-leg Lotan sweats, which are also marked down.

I am wearing T-shirts a lot more than usual, and really like this long-sleeved number from Everlane, which comes in a variety of colors.

Also from Everlane: a super-cozy fleece sweatshirt.


This pajama set is pretty cute, and would additionally be good for doing some at-home yoga or stretches or something.

And finally: I included these silk pajamas kind of as a lark cause they’re seriously splurgy, but if you’re looking to make a crazy indulgence, you could do worse.  Here’s something with a similar vibe that costs a lot less.



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9 Thoughts on By popular demand: the best clothes for lounging around
    24 Mar 2020

    I was so excited to get to see one of those Emerson Fry caftans out in the wild in Mexico last week. I’d only ever seen them on this site. They really do look worth the money.

    I must be doing this quarantine thing right, because for the last week all the ads on my Facebook page have been for sweatpants. JCrew is currently having a 50% off sale on all loungewear, including some really cheap, cute vintage style tees.


    23 Mar 2020

    The Nili Lotan tiger stripes make me smile. Today I am lounging in camo leggings and a long sleeve white cotton tee I got in Hawaii.


    23 Mar 2020

    I recently bought those Nili Lotan pants in the gunmetal, and the dye from the fabric was all over my legs the first time I wore them. My legs looked bruised from groin to ankle! Has anyone else experienced this with Nili Lotan pants?


      Kim France
      23 Mar 2020

      Huh. I haven’t experienced that, but I don’t have the gunmetal ones either.


    Kathy O
    23 Mar 2020

    How about comfy work from home clothes that don’t look like pJs? I bought this last week
    It is a jacket that feels like a sweatshirt. Love the way it looks, but I also love feeling like I am “getting dressed”.


    23 Mar 2020

    Perfect timing, Kim. Love those zebra PJs. I’m making an effort not to go to bed in the leggings/sweat pants and top I’ve worn all day. By clicking on the lower-priced version link you provided, I found this cute slip dress-style nightgown, also from Chalmers, in similar teal and zebra pattern that might be nice when the weather gets warmer:


    23 Mar 2020

    Those Lotan camo sweats….yeah…on their way. I’ve got visions of them with a black tank, Birks and a denim jacket…


    23 Mar 2020

    The Emerson Fry caftans are beautiful in person. They do run large. I may have to order those Nili Lotans in the gunmetal. I woke up this morning tired of all my sweats because I’ve been wearing them so much! Perfect posting!!


    24 Mar 2020

    I love this post. The two nightgowns from Net-a-Porter are beautiful and I, too would wear them out during the day. The links aren’t working, though, as their US site seems to be down. Do you remember the brand names, by chance?



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