April showers preparedness


Believe it or not, spring is coming soon, and with it will come the rain, and few things cramp one’s style like rain does. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as stylish waterproof options do exist. Why not let’s start out with a classic bright yellow rain slicker?

I know a lot of you like a bit more length in your raincoats, so I offer up this this mac from Everlane, which is perfect for those of you who like the idea of a trench, but can’t deal with the belt situation.

I think the print here is pretty amazing—such a cheery item to wear on a cloudy, wet day.

I couldn’t resist including this audacious metallic number.

Stutterheim makes some of the most timeless, durable raincoats out there, and one day I aspire to own one. (This is from a men’s site, but the jackets are unisex.)

A snappy boot in versatile, chic army green (it also comes in black and white).

I like the big clunky platform-ish sole on this Chelsea rainboot.

And I love this moto boot by Rag & Bone, which they seem to make every year, and which every year I covet.

It’s tough to walk two dogs and carry an umbrella at the same time, so sometimes, if the rain isn’t falling too hard, I just wear my Stutterheim hat and call it good.

And here’s a cute quilted rain hat.

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3 Thoughts on April showers preparedness
    14 Mar 2019

    I’ve been on the hunt for a trench without a belt.


    14 Mar 2019

    Such a timely post, I have also been on the hunt for a beltless trench.


    14 Mar 2019

    Would love your take on fab umbrellas.



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