All the best Black Friday deals


  • Over at Shopbop, everything’s 25% off.
  • Fitness-garb retailer Bandier is offering 40% the entire site.
  • J Crew is going for a whopping 50% discount on everything, with an extra 10% off the entire contents your cart.
  • The party dress makers over at Reformation are offering 25% off all their stock.
  • The discount at Alo Yoga is 30%.
  • Everything is 20% off at Baggu, which means that their awesome reusable shopping bags are practically free.
  • Dagne Dover makes functional and attractive work and travel bags, and right now they’re giving 25% off.
  • Midcentury furniture and home decor retailer Design Within Reach are extending a 20% discount of everything, and free shipping too.
  • Undies and nighties brand Eberjey is offering 50% off.
  • There are discounts of up to 50% at Everlane.
  • Less-is-more beauty brand Glossier is offering 20% off.
  • And Kosas, which is probably my favorite beauty brand at the moment, is offering 25% off.
  • All the Levi’s you crave are 40% off.
  • At Outdoor Voices, the discount is 30%.
  • Almost everything at jewelry boutique Catbird is 20% off.
  • And finally, piercing and earring emporium Studs is offering 40% off, but just for today.


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10 Thoughts on All the best Black Friday deals
    26 Nov 2022

    Kim !
    Thoughts today post pod podcast . I’ve never done facebook ( though your private group sounds appealing, ive gone this long..)
    I hope you are buying sweaters- i have seen some beauties and you can justify it! Throw out all those with holes unless mended. Perhaps that would help shed the “shabby” feeling . Which i highly doubt is true btw. We are our own worst critics .
    Re: podcast- i have done & need to do again – go room to room , make small list of things that catch your eye and keep brain busy though my husband is oblivious ( new trash can, lightbulb etc, messy drawer) and just do one small onerous task a day . ( or shop for the item!) –
    Also i have horrible hostess anxiety and the best holiday season a few years ago , we had friends over ( couples ) one at a time and served charcuterie ( got fancy jams, honey etc-meats) and rolled it out , we could connect and relax , evening with xmas lights all festive .True friends dont care . You are newly engaged, share your joy and love ! It is the best time. It May relieve some stress of planning your party. Gather support , drink up their loving intentions .
    Congratulations – 🎉
    ( clearly a lotta coffee)


    25 Nov 2022

    The thing I wanted from J Crew is NOT 50%. I still miss Jenna Lyons even though she had nothing to do with setting sale prices.


    25 Nov 2022

    For some reason, Kosas refuses to capitalize on the fact that its lip glosses smell EXACTLY LIKE A KRISPY KREME GLAZED DONUT.

    But now you know!


    27 Nov 2022

    Thanks to you, I pulled the trigger on a Nadaam order. I was lured in by the roomy V-neck blue sweater but it sold out while I twiddled my thumbs. However they do have a good-looking cropped zip hoodie to replace my old black cashmere hoodie that died a few years ago and I’ve missed ever since. I decided to try the classic length peacock color one at the same time, so we’ll see how they work out!

    Hubs and I took advantage of the DWR sale to finally splurged on the Herman Miller chair we have lusted after. It’s our Christmas present for ourselves. We’re renovating our whole first floor, from kitchen to laundry room to living room, so it will be part of our new space!


      27 Nov 2022

      So, it’s none of my beeswax but, what did you decide to do with the kitchen floor? I am a medium-size skeptic of vinyl. But, otoh, it does come in some excellent colors.


    26 Nov 2022

    Oh – and I recommend a leather couch based on comfort !
    (For me , high back , and arms that work for laying down on it) – love the midcentury look of many but my golden retriever must be comfy-
    We spent $$$ on hancock and moore years ago
    And they replace cushions for free and have refreshed it to newish with leather dye/


    25 Nov 2022

    I have an EIF podcast request…I keep reading articles about “slow fashion ” which I am not against, but it seems everything I read about it the folks who are touted as being on the forefront of slow fashion are designers who make “luxury” clothing that a minority of people can afford (Gabriella Hearst comes readily to mind) so how does that help the rest of us or, more importantly, the planet? Is this a trickle down theory? Is there something I’m not comprehending (I do lean toward Rosanna Anna Danna)?


      25 Nov 2022

      People buy 68 new pieces a year nowadays and wear them on average of seven times before discarding them. In the 80s people would buy like 12 new pieces a year. Slow fashion can also mean buying less. How many coats do we really need? How many sweaters? How many pairs of jeans? Slow fashion isn’t only about the clothing purchased, but also about not buying as much and/or only buying when things truly wear out. Maybe what’s also needed is changing our mindset about how much we need and how often we need to buy things. Reduce/reuse/recycle has mainly been recycle for a while but reduce is the most important part of that.


      25 Nov 2022

      Hope it’s okay if I butt in. I share your confusion – otoh, what is great is that the *idea* of green-osity has taken hold. We are all learning to re-think things. Trickle down economics may not work, really, but imo trickle down innovation does. (Along with subsidies and rebates.) Eventually. Some of this slow fashion talk is probably b.s., but some of it could actually end up being helpful. Too soon to tell! As a consumer, we can only try and do our best. … … … I am a little bit of-two-minds, too, bc while we absolutely must must must restore our climate, I can’t get thaaaat upset about a landfill. At least not now. We can figure that out later. (Admittedly, it’s all complex and interrelated, things give off methane, yadda yadda.) … … … And on top of all that, I’m also against what I call hairshirt-ism, where people go around feeling bad and making others feel bad about stuff that, in the long run, may not be that important. … … … My guess is that that old reduce-reuse-recycle phrase is still a good guide. We should consider only buying gifts that the person actually needs or wants. But, imho, without turning ourselves into a pretzel, mentally. Then there is that issue of offsets … … … Long way of saying, I too would like to know more.


    25 Nov 2022

    Thanks for this — needed another Kosas tinted brow mascara and on sale to boot. The striped J Crew tee that had been idling in my basket for days is on the way too.



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