23 early-fall dresses with grown-up hemlines


Sometimes it is the eensiest detail—like the striped hem here—that sells me on a dress.

The super-low neckline of this dress is on the daring side; if it’s too much for you, throw on a pretty slip with it and you’re set.

The casualness of the top half here contrasts appealingly with the more ladylike knife pleats.

Just a fun print on a really easy dress.

Velvet appears to be big again this season, and the cut here is so pretty and feminine.

This has such a lovely drape thing happening, and I like that it looks like Maria Cornejo, but is less expensive than her stuff (while still not exactly cheap).

From Universal Standard: such good sleeves, and I like the asymmetrical hem.

OK, this is a touch summery, but would look quite cute layered with a cardigan.

From Maria Cornejo: such a lovely work-to-evening option.

A very flattering silhouette, and I love that it has pockets.

Just a really good floral print, and the cut is just so lovely.

The ruffles here girly things up a bit.

I’m dying for this dress: it looks so put-together but at the same time nicely casual.

This flannel shirtdress would be so great with black tights and a little jacket.

So pretty and  graceful.

A perfect weekend option: I’d wear it with big old clunky flat boots.

This has appealingly interesting lines.

This drapes beautifully, and the color is great. I’d sub out the belt for something a wee bit less shiny, though.

I am a big fan of anything that mixes yellow and grey.

Such a good work dress.

The khaki hue here is dead-on.

Slightly Little House on the Prairie, but in an appealing way.

This looks so much more expensive than it is.

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5 Thoughts on 23 early-fall dresses with grown-up hemlines
    Hick from Styx
    5 Sep 2017

    I do see waists and sleeves and elegant flowing hemlines that flatter the female shape. Love the longer hemlines and just a hint of leg. Many of these dresses would work for me. I’m loving fall already.


    5 Sep 2017

    I am not often required to wear dresses so I was just casually zipping through these ideas until I hit the stripped top-looks like a two piece, but is a one piece––Valentino Red option. Love it. (except for the bow in the back) Definitely the kind of dress I would buy because it looks sooooo comfortable and sooooo wearable.

    Are velvet jeans going to be a thing this year?


      Mary Alice
      5 Sep 2017

      I was really intrigued by that dress, but if you look closely at the photos, the skirt looks very see-through.


    5 Sep 2017

    Wow, all terrific choices. Love the Leith one — can’t resist pockets.


    7 Sep 2017

    I’m overwhelmed by your choices for us!!! (I know, I know…we’re never satisfied!) I love a good Shirtdress, and you’ve given some cute options. I might go for the black asymmetrical Universal Standard (also, because it feels good, albeit a fantasy, to be a size Small).



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