20 puffers that are as warm as they are cool


It’s kind of exciting, how many stylish and chic puffers there are in the world lately, especially given how deadly boring they used to be. These days, cool details abound, like the fleece on this one from Good American.

This slightly cropped number comes in several good colors, but I’m partial to this poppy yellow.

The funnel neck and grey-and-blue colorway here make for a sleek option.

I really dig the utilitarian lines on this $99 option; click through to see it in black too.

The colorblock pockets here are a fun touch.

This seems like a chic update to the once ubiquitous “Amazon jacket.”

This Uniqlo puffer is from their collab with Jil Sander, and I think it’s rather dramatic and brilliant.

A nifty reversible jacket that’s also water-resistant.

This down-filled wool jacket looks just insanely elegant to me, and the hue is such a good, versatile neutral too.

This shiny grey jacket somehow looks much cooler to me than shiny black would.

Here’s a nifty packable option.

I like that this is reversible.

And so is this cute, longer option.

I think I might need this sporty corduroy iteration.

I do like a popover puffer—they look great and layer beautifully.

This is such a good, creamy hue for those of you who are partial to winter whites.

I want this Perfect Moment jacket so damn badly: the red and blue plaid and flared sleeves—which are something I don’t typically like—are just aces here.

The green faux leather here is delightfully unexpected.

And so too is this blue one.

Just a good classic shape from Madewell with big, handy front patch pockets.

This paisley print is a bit nuts, but only in the very best way.

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9 Thoughts on 20 puffers that are as warm as they are cool
    3 Dec 2021

    argh! it seems wrong to own more than 2 puffers. i guess i’ll be wrong then.


    3 Dec 2021

    This is a stellar round-up. So many jackets to covet! I yellow BR one is especially tempting, partially because I love the whole outfit.
    As someone who lives in the cold and snowy North I believe in owning a wardrobe of jackets and coats. It really makes the very long winters more bearable to have options.


    2 Dec 2021

    I think I need that Jill Sander / Uniqlo collab – ugh.. too many nice things to buy. Too many!!


    2 Dec 2021

    Some great selections! I already gave in and ordered the Adidas/Merimekko puffer featured earlier this week but if that doesn’t work, I’ll be back here for another look. I’m drawn to the paisley and, if it weren’t so pricey, I’d be quite tempted by the funnel neck (although I suppose it would last quite awhile and, unfortunately, get lots of use). Question: Does anyone ever really reverse a “reversible” jacket?


      Mimi A.
      3 Dec 2021

      Good question! Answer: no. I have two reversible puffers and I reversed one a few times when I first got it, but invariably one side always becomes the favorite. A knowledgeable sales woman in the ski shop where I bought the Bogner jacket I haven’t reversed in years confirmed that my experience is typical.


    2 Dec 2021

    I will buy my puffers from Uniqlo forever. I bought a sleek navy knee-length puffer there at least five years ago and it is the warmest coat I have ever owned. It’s held up incredibly well too. I have it dry cleaned after every Massachusetts winter. It’s still gorgeous. The perfect navy, the perfect length, amazing comfort and warmth, and the price was beyond reasonable. I tell everyone looking for a new puffer to check Uniqlo first.


    2 Dec 2021

    I think puffers are fun but I don’t understand why they are often so short. If it’s cold enough to need one, don’t people want their fanny covered? … …. I like the metallic one and the Uniqlo best. And that yellow one also comes in a nice red.


    2 Dec 2021

    That Banana Republic yellow puffer also comes in an outstanding red. And that puffer with the orange pockets and the purple lining is gorgeous!


      3 Dec 2021

      I thought so too until I clicked the link – the back has an ENORMOUS North Face logo in bright orange. Why?



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