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First of all, apologies for the thinness of posts last week: I was a bit under the weather, but am feeling much improved, and very much in the mood to get back to work. So let’s check out some bags, shall we? Crossbodies are my personal favorite: they’re just so much easier than shoulder bags or—heaven forfend—clutches, for when you’re shopping for groceries or walking the dog or what have you, so that’s mostly what I’m showing here. I think this little number from Isabel Marant is just great: I like the glossy cracked leather, and the contrasting webbed strap.

This bucket bag comes in black too, but I prefer this natural hue.

Claire V’s Gosee bag is a longtime favorite of mine—it fits so much without looking like it does—and I love it in this army green they recently introduced.

This is like a hobo bag but a little more structured, and it’s well-priced.

A shoulder bag big enough for those of you who never travel light.

This tote has appealingly not-too-big (but big enough) proportions.

A camera bag from Allsaints that’s delightfully hardware-free.

And speaking of hardware: I much prefer for my bags to have little or none, but I do very much like the buckle here, as well as the blue-on-blue colorway.

Here’s an appealingly streamlined option for under $100.

Another camera bag shape—this one from Longchamp—with a handy outer pocket.

This is big enough to be perfect for travel, and I love the green (though it does also come in black).

I own this Il Bisonte bag in black, and adore it. I’m always amazed by how much it manages to fit, and am so tempted by it in blue, which I think is an underrated color for bags to be.

Such a good slouchy hobo shape from Coach.

A simple-yet-sophisticated bucket bag for carrying anywhere.

The clasp here is just enough of a statement.

And finally: this recycled polyester bag is just so understated and cool. I’m not happy about the front-and-center branding, but it looks removable with a seam ripper.



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8 Thoughts on 16 extremely good everyday bags
    17 Nov 2020

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Kim. I really love the Cuyana tote because the zipper makes it perfect for travel – not that I have any plans to go anywhere in the near future. Beautiful selection!


    16 Nov 2020

    That Madewell bag… I think I had it from Coach around 1985.


      17 Nov 2020

      Me too! I still have mine : )


    Judi DeCicco
    17 Nov 2020

    Glad you’re feeling better! I bought the madewell for my mom a few years ago, she found it slightly too small/structured so we recently replaced it with the Clare V sac bretelle, my No. 1 small crossbody. I’ve been eyeing the Gosee clutch for years but haven’t pulled the trigger.


    16 Nov 2020

    I’m thinking the Il Bisonte bag might make a perfect xmas present for my daughter. It’s a tad too large for me, but is the perfect size for her. Truly good grouping of bags!


    16 Nov 2020

    Glad you are on the mend.

    I bought the little Madewell bag a couple of years ago when the strap on the bag I was carrying broke mid-trip. It’s the perfect size for everyday running around and to fit in my travel work bag on those weekly work flyouts – obviously neither of those things are happening now, but it’s been perfect for my once in a while jaunts to the grocery store. That said, I do love the Isabel Marant bag at the top because not only is it great looking in the shiny, crackly leather, it has what is the holy grail of things for me, a longer than most cross body strap. Thanks for the great list!


    16 Nov 2020

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    Am I the only one using washable bags right now, or those made of synthetic materials that can be wiped down with alcohol swabs?


    16 Nov 2020

    Great selection! The blue on blue Sezane bag appears to be sold out BUT having stumbled on an unused (literally brand new) mid-70s Coach bag (back when Coach was “Coach”) in a vintage store during one of my super few COVID outings, I am actually not in need of a bag (not that I’ve ever let that stop me….).



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