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Combat boots? Or flat lace-up boots of any stripe? I remain conflicted, but do think this rather nouvelle punk pair from Zadig & Voltaire is not without its charms

I know, I know, I know, I know: everything you could tell me about the generationally inappropriate nature of a 48 year-old woman trying to pull off Doc Martens I have told myself already. And why I’m fixated on this rather bold 20-eye model completely eludes rational thought, but I wonder. Are any of you out there with me?

This pair by Fiorentini & Baker probably belongs more in a category that fashion magazine copywriters would refer to as men’s haberdashery, and has as much in common with an oxford as they do a boot. Making them the most refined but least statement-y choice. What with elegance being refusal and etc.


Your thoughts, please: eyelash extensions


Not quite like this, but you get it

This is one beauty treatment that’s never much tempted me. Because it’s pricey and doesn’t last long and—like self-tanning and botox—going to a technician who has anything but a super-light hand can result in a dead giveaway. But nobody warned me about the fact that at a certain point in a woman’t life, her eyelashes start thinning out. And I have found this development quite irksome. So on Sunday, at the Flatiron District MAC store (where, BTW, I found the exactly perfect shade of un-sparkly, not at all Heather Locklear-ian dark navy eyeshadow that has been eluding me) when I complimented the girl who rang me up on her lashes, and she gave me a card with the name and number of the place where she got them done, I stuck that card in my bag and there it remains.  It’s half as much as fancy salons charge, and all the MAC girls go there, apparently. And I figure their recommendation would be as good as it gets on this front. But still: not quite sure I can clear this hurdle. Anyone?

Catalogue Contest Part 2: It’s Your Turn


Surely many of you are familiar with Beso? It’s a shopping site run by my close pal and former coworker (and frequent Girls of a Certain Age commenter) Elise Loehnen, a person who—when it comes to finding treasures in unexpected places—makes me look like a piker. One of Elise’s proudest moments was when I agreed to let her run a bit in the magazine about some amazing bags she’d found on a site that sells old west reenactment supplies.

You can buy stuff from about a squillion retailers through Beso—everything from your Net-a-Porters and Shopbops to your hipster indie retailers like Acrimony and Totokaelo. But Beso is also home to many of our favorite Catalogue Challenge brands, and others like them. What we want you to do is  create a collection composed entirely of  pieces from those retailers. Here’s a sample collection Elise came up with, just to give you a better  idea of what we’re talking about.

Your collection must have a minimum of 10 items, but really, the more the merrier—as long as it’s all stuff you can really stand behind. Click here to get started creating yours. The winner gets a $250 Beso gift card.

You have until noon on Monday to send in submissions. Have at it.



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