Week of requests: Things I would buy if price was no object


Saint Laurent le smoking jacket

“I’d love to see what you’d splurge on if you could go a price point or two over GOACA guidelines,” writes a reader named Julie, and if ever there was a post that could write itself, this would be it. I have an informal price limit here of $900, and try to keep most of the items I show much more affordable than that. I try to stick by even stricter guidelines in my personal life (not always successfully). But were I to take leave of my senses and go for whatever struck my fancy, I’d acquire a St. Laurent  Le Smoking jacket so fast it would make your head spin. I’ve wanted one for years.

Bottega Veneta bag

For days when I want to look especially polished, I’d buy a Bottega Veneta bag with a chain strap.

Zero + Maria Cornejo coat

And I’d definitely go for this Zero + Maria Cornejo shearling, which I have tried on and it is just the chicest, and so cozy.

Dries Van Noten dress

Back when I was a fancy editor in chief, I used to wear a lot of Dries Van Noten dresses, and if I still had a clothing allowance to play around with (yes, you read right: a clothing allowance, and it’s one of the few things I miss about my old life), I’d buy this little confection.

The Elder Statesman blanket

And why not a cashmere blanket from The Elder Statesman? So desperately luxe.

Ten Thousand Things necklace

I’d definitely indulge in something from Ten Thousand Things, my favorite jewelry line. This Tahitian pearl necklace is just glorious.

Ted Muehling earrings

I might also spring for a big, dramatic pair of Ted Meuhling hoops.

Fornasetti waste basket

If I had all the money in the world, I’d buy Fornasetti everything, and definitely this waste basket.

Week of requests: Tops to wear under blazers


The Great top—tops

I’m continuing with the week of requests because last week was a short one, and there are still some fun queries to answer (and if you haven’t answered this question yet, please do so in the comments). A reader named Marisa wrote in to say that she’d like to see a post on “Work-appropriate tops to wear under blazers—preferably things that add a little color and personality without getting too Madonna “Express Yourself” (although I love that look—just not for work.)” I like the boldness and ease of this red choice.

Rebecca Minkoff top—tops

This is a tiny bit more Little House on the Prairie than I typically go, but I think all those pretty colors would look great peeking out from under a jacket.

 Other Stories top—tops

A very feminine—yet still nicely streamlined—option.

Xirena top—tops

This smocked top has a lower neckline than other tops like it, which is a bit more flattering.

 Other Stories top—tops

Such a very pretty blue.

Equipment top—tops

A black and white floral would be a nice, graphic touch.

LAgence top—tops

This has an eensy star print, which I love.

Rebecca Taylor top—tops

Another pretty floral, and one that would be especially good with a navy blazer, I’m thinking.

Cooper and Ella top—tops

This reminds me of a Maria Cornejo top I wear endlessly (and that I paid a lot more for).

Etoile Isabel Marant top—tops

The notion of a brown floral sounds kind of unappealing, and yet this could not be a whole lot cuter.

Joie top—tops

This, at first glance, might seem too casual and hippie girl for work, but it’s made of silk, which polishes things up a bit.

Tibi top—tops

True, this is on the pricey side, but I love the idea of the stripes peeking out at the cuff.

Wayf top—tops

A lace top that isn’t too fussy is a good thing.

Alice and Olivia top—tops

Yet again another floral, this one bright and poppy as can be.

Rebecca Minkoff top—tops

Don’t dismiss this cami as too bare—it’ll be under a jacket and nobody will be the wiser (if you still can’t quite imagine that, here’s a similar tee).

Michelle Mason top—tops

Just a vivid, gorgeous green—an underrated color, if you ask me.

Etoile Isabel Marant top—tops

I like the way collarless shirts look with blazers, and this is just so good.

Stateside top—tops

And finally: you can’t beat a good blue stripe.

Week of requests: What was the best thing you spent money on in 2017?


I spend a lot of time in this room

A reader named Dakota suggested that I ask this question of the GOACA community, and I’m very curious to hear your answers. Was it a big-ticket article of clothing that suddenly makes your whole wardrobe come together? A vacation? A visit to the dermatologist for fillers? Your divorce? As for me, the best cash I spent last year, hands down, was on unlimited classes at my yoga studio.



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