Top 5 of the week: What’s new at Madewell


This faux fur muffler is just the adorableness.

A good solid coat with nice, simple lines.

A striped shirt I am very tempted to add to my menagerie of striped shirts.

This denim chore jacket is perfect for kicking around on weekends.

And I’d wear this velvet cami under a blazer on a date.

Various sweatshirts I’m liking right now



Sweatshirts are good for lounging, of course, but I like them layered under coats and jackets for a casual-chic kind of a look. (It’s a look I overdid about a decade ago, but I’m feeling ready to re-embrace it.) I love this, with Zoe Karssen’s trademark bat.

Here’s one I actually own. It reminds me of prep school—not always a good thing—but in a nice way.

The message that never gets old.

The side-zipper here is just aces.

And of course I’m all over this because it’s blue and black, a combination I love.

This reminds me of the Agnes B snap cardigans that were so big in the 80s.

A camo choce, but of course.

This is actually a dress if you can believe it, but I like the idea of wearing it with leather leggings.

And finally, a splurgy choice from Comme des Garcons that I have wanted for years but can’t quite bring myself to spring for.

Here’s your playlist, ladies


This playlist has no overarching theme whatsoever and musically, it’s quite all over the place. The only way to listen to it is on shuffle. This was fun, so if enough of you enjoy it, I’ll make another.



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