What has surprised and delighted you lately?


The news is fuller of awfulness by the day—last week was especially grim—and don’t you feel like it’s getting to everyone? So I thought it might be nice to pause for a moment to focus on those people, places, and things that have unexpectedly done our hearts good. Like for instance, Saturday night I went to a Mets game, and when the kiss-cam came on the big Jumbotron screen, cameras zoomed in on two separate male couples, and the crowd went wild both times they kissed. This acceptance (and even celebration) of same-sex love at an event as macho as a professional baseball game felt like progress to me—even though I know that New York is a pretty cosmopolitan place and that the same reaction might not have happened at stadiums in some parts of this country. OK, now it’s your turn: what has made you feel like the world’s not so awful after all recently?

Checking out the new arrivals at Madewell


Even though this brand can skew a little young and sometimes twee, I still find a lot to like in the way of left-of-center classics and tomboy-cool pieces. I also like that they’ve become a lot more size-inclusive—pretty much everything is available up to size 24 or 3X.  I think this dress has the prettiest, almost art nouveau print. Check out this top in the same pattern.

These snake-print mules remind me of a pair Emerson Fry used to make that I coveted for a long time, but never pulled the trigger on. These are just a little funkier, though, thanks to the bright hit of color, and I’m pretty tempted.

This corduroy suede tote in an excellent mustard yellow feels very back-to-school to me, but in the most sophisticated way.

I don’t know why a black jean jacket appeals right now, but it does. I feel like maybe it’s more polished and grown up than blue denim.

This kind of retroish floral print dress just looks so easy to wear.

I don’t usually see the point of short-sleeved sweaters, or brown for that matter, but this really appeals.


Just a rather perfect henley.

I’m a big fan of army pants with a stripe down the side, and this one is subtly glittery, which is fun.


It’s peak season for classic stripes


I like the slightly wider-than-usual width of the stripes on this button down.

A good Breton-stripe tee will take you far, especially in a very neutral navy and white colorway.

This tuxedo shirt from Alex Mill reminds me of ones from Nili Lotan that cost twice as much.

The front twist on this tee dress is a flattering touch.

I like the barely-there stripes on this short-sleeved button-down shirt.

A happy yellow striped popover that’d look great with slouchy pants, just as worn here.

I love the bright color combination on this button-down.

This top is a really lovely mashup of a peasant top and a tuxedo shirt.

A ribbed and body-skimming polo dress.

Such a cute sleeveless tee dress for kicking around on the weekend.

Is it too soon to show you a sweater? Because this one is just aces.

And here’s a linen blend jacket that’ll be good for the cooler evenings we’ll be having soon enough.

Pants with prints aren’t so much my jam, but I must say I’m intrigued by this striped pair.

This tee has a good neckline and a nice, slightly boxy cut.

Such an easy, cute popover.

I like the pop of color on the sleeves of this spiff polo shirt; here’s something similar but cheaper.

I love the swingy shape of this shirtdress, and the red, white, and blue color combination is so fresh.

Just a cute striped henley for throwing on with jeans.

Vertical stripes don’t always appeal to me, but these do.

A great mix of colors on a happy little tee.

And finally, here’s a cheap and snappy reusable tote.




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