What’s your most recent and favorite cheap and chic purchase?


I decided recently that my kitchen needs a pitcher, but I didn’t want to spend a lot on it, because a pitcher is the type of item I’d be prone to break, and don’t even ask me why. So I was excited to find this ceramic one, which looks hands-thrown but most assuredly isn’t. I’m also looking forward to employing it as a vase. OK, your turn: what inexpensive item has recently set your heart racing?

In search of corduroy everything


This shirt dress comes in a few darker colors, but I like the idea of wearing this off-white one, with black tights and boots.

I’m very keen on J. Crew pants these days, and might just have to go for these easy boot cut jeans.

A cozy sherpa-lined jacket that’s also kind of retroish in a 70s way.

This bright blazer is a statement for sure—I dig how much the blue pops.

So tempted by these wide-leg cropped pants.

This patch pocket blazer from J. Crew is so good in this off-white (it comes in navy too).

A lightweight shirt jacket is a really excellent and versatile piece.

Just an easy pair of chinos that don’t cost a lot and come in a few good colors.

A sweet button-front skirt from Madewell.

This blazer has such excellent professor vibes.

Just the cutest bucket hat in the palest pink.

A super-chic trench that looks far pricier than it is.

A cute jumpsuit with lots of handy pockets.

This shirt could easily double as a jacket.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be nabbing this excellent popover.

And finally: an army pant in a really good khaki.

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