Dresses with grown-up hemlines under $100


A very feminine dotted number with some frilly business at the chest that might typically turn me off but that I really like here.

The knotting at the waist is nice and figure flattering.

I’d wear a long-sleeved tee or a turtleneck with this wrap dress when the weather turns cool.

The slit sleeves here are an interesting touch, and it’s such a good blue.

Such a pretty, sweet velvet dress with cool black-on-black dots.

I like that the puffed sleeves here are not too puffy, which would overwhelm this otherwise nicely streamlined dress.

I usually don’t like sweater dresses, but this is so sexy.

I love that the zipper allows you to choose your own neckline, and also that this option looks so damn comfortable.

More black-on-black dots, this time on a lovely, flowy confection.

I like when an otherwise straightforward dress has one or two interesting details, which is how I feel about the contrasting belt and asymmetrical hemline here.

This feels wearable for weekends or work.

And this feels very work-to-evening.

Top 5 of the week: Business casual


This is actually a request, from a reader named Meghan, who writes, “I’d like to know your ideas for business casual. I’m packing for a conference in Chicago and kicking myself that I didn’t ask about this sooner!” This is a tough one, as it has been seven years since I’ve worked in an office, and from what I understand, things have gotten much more dressed-down since then. Which is cool, but can be confusing when you want to look on point. My advice is to play things pretty straight: it’s a look I like anyway, and one you can’t really go too far wrong with. I’d start off with a nice cashmere V-neck.

And then I’d go for some tailored-but-casual trousers, like these chinos from Vince.

Under the sweater I’d layer a cotton button down like this one.

I’d have a little fun with footwear and go for these burnished metallic boots. (Here’s a cheaper pair I  like too.)

And—just so I wouldn’t come across too preppy, I’d throw on this faux fur jacket.

I still like low-slung jeans best


And they’re getting harder and harder to find now that higher-waisted jeans have taken over.  I’ve tried to get on board—and have one pair I like a lot—but for the most part, I still feel like low-slung jeans are more flattering and so much more comfortable, at least for me. (I know some people swear that high-waisted jeans are more comfortable, and I will never understand this.) Here’s a nice boyfriend cut from Frame.

I love a grey jean and these are pretty  nicely priced.

FromUniversal Standard: just a really good, slightly faded-out black wash.

And here’s a really clean wash, with no whiskering or fading whatsoever: so tough to find.

These have a bit of a flair, which is sort of fun.

I’d wear this pair with a simple white button-down.

These look so relaxed and slouchy, but not sloppy.

Red jeans are appealing in a slightly Euro way.

I just love the wash on these: clean, clean, clean.


I haven’t gotten tired of frayed hems yet, and think they’re really good here.

I prefer a more beaten-in black jean, but am including this pair for those who prefer blacker-than-black. I also like the crop.

These are so classic, I picture Lauren Hutton wearing them in the 70s. I realize she wouldn’t have been wearing skinny jeans in the 70s, but that’s where my mind goes.

I like the button-detail at the ankle here.

And finally: a slick coated pair that looks exactly like leather but costs a lot less.



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