How did we manage before clog sandals?


sigrid clogs

I honestly don’t know how I got through summer previous to clog sandals entering my life: they’re just so good from a comfort and walkability perspective (I’m not certain why, as wooden soles aren’t that foot-friendly, but there you have it) and plus, they’re super-cute. I feel as though I very much need this Madewell pair, as I want a pair of white sandals and I like that these aren’t a glaring optic white.

dolce clogs

Just an easy, casual pair of slides.

trisa clog

I couldn’t resist including this borderline loud yellow pair.

no 6 clogs

From No. 6: The rose gold metallic here makes these standout. Also, metallic tones totally work as a neutral, so you can wear them with literally everything.


This braided pair would be perfect with a Mexican embroidered dress.

mia greta

A peep-toe number in a very good red.

elva clog

I like that these have studs instead of staples.

hunter clog

The stripey business here is fun.

coco clog

This crisscross pair is pretty classic, but the color makes it interesting.

olivia clog

This blue specimen is very work-to-weekend.

Let’s have some fun


ask me

This week, I will publish my 3000th post. Back in 2016, when I published my 2000th, I gave you all the opportunity to ask me anything, and since one of you suggested we make that a regular event, I’ve decided to do it again. As long as the question isn’t too excruciatingly personal, or the reply too potentially libelous, I’ll answer it. See you in the comments.

Tuesday links


venice photo

  • These aerial views of Venice are kind of stupendous. (My Modern Met)
  • Really fascinating pictures of soccer fields around the world. (The Atlantic)
  • This was amusing: Who can jump higher on a trampoline, LeBron James or Simone Biles? (Kottke)
  • Pretty hilarious: What your favorite classic rock band says about you. (McSweeney’s)
  • Defunct cars are given new lives by French artist Benedetto Bufalino.




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