All manner of platforms, for your every summertime need


I rely on platforms to keep me feeling tall with minimal suffering, and am un-thrilled that they’re not having much of a moment this season. Scrounging up enough decent ones up for a post took some doing, but I did manage to find several I want to own, starting with these, which seem excellent for when you’re dressing things up a bit. I’d venture to say that the pale pink is light enough to function as a neutral, but it also comes in black.

I’m not sure why I am so tempted by these; they’re just this side of frumpy, but there is something a little French schoolgirl about them, so perhaps that’s the appeal. And the fact that they’re made by Dansko means they’ll be insanely comfortable.

Another Dansko pair: I love the mix of the metallic leather with the neutral.

As classic an espadrille platform/wedge as you could ask for.

I own these, by Robert Clergerie, and they come in handy for times when I want to dress nicely but also know I’m going to be doing a lot of walking.

I am no fan of Diane von Fursterberg—during my time in the fashion trenches, I heard too many stories about her being a really deeply unkind person—so I never show her stuff here. But will make an exception for this wrap-around pair: the studs are just so cool.

Not the most walkable pair in this roundup, but the mix of cork and suede is really rich, and they’re nicely dramatic.

I’m showing these on the model because you can’t tell quite how cute they are on their own.

Just a good solid crossover platform at a great price.

Here is the pair you just throw on before leaving the house without having to think about it. They come in a cool mushroom-y hue too.

I’d wear these with rolled-up jeans or chinos to show off the cute strap.

Things I bought, things I want


It’s a bit on the splurgy side, but I am so in love with my new Rachel Comey jumpsuit, as it is deeply flattering, the soul of comfort, and appealingly slouchy.

I wore it when I did my reading on Tuesday with these  gold clog sandals, which I ordered from Penelope Chilvers in England. They are reasonably priced—not cheap, but reasonable—so the exchange rate isn’t such a pain. And they’re so damn good.

I have been looking for a not-entirely-unsexy T-shirt bra to match my skin tone forever; they are very nearly impossible to find, because the features that typically make a bra sexy all show through when you’re wearing a tee. Finally, I found this, however, and it is perfection.

I know this is a little young for me, but I’m a wee bit obsessed (not with the strap hanging down like that, though).

And I am mad for these PE Nation leggings, which are loud in the best possible way—and on sale.

How many of you are writers?


Every once in a while in the comments, one of you will mention something—a book or article—that you’re working on, and it just got me curious how many of you write, professionally or for pleasure. What’s your project at the moment? I’m eager to hear.



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