A post on silver jewelry, because I never do that


I pretty much always wear gold jewelry, but I really like silver too—it is so much cooler in some ways than gold, and less blingy and obvious. And it can look nice in sculptural shapes, like these stunners.

It also looks fantastic when paired with suede or leather, as it is here.

I crave a nameplate necklace, but want to get something more compelling and/or fun than just my name. Suggestions?

This ring has such a great simple-but-slightly-artsy shape.

A signet ring in silver is kind of a cool idea, and I like them best without monograms.

Just a really dramatic pair of earrings.

I also very much like how diamonds look with silver—so low-key and elegant.

The tiger eye here is just stunning.

The chain here is so nice, and I always appreciate a ball pendant.

Big hoops—as I have noted before—are the sexiest.

These initials by Monica Vinader are just really fun—I love that they’re all mismatched.

A ring that would look great in a stack.

What song always cheers you up?


I’ve been making a playlist out of answers from the last question I asked—about which songs give you the chills—and it’s a heavy one. So I’m thinking something more upbeat is in order as a follow-up. Since college, the tune that put a smile on my face no matter how blue I was is “Every Day I Write the Book,” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions. When my marriage was in its final death throes, “Hey Ya” by Outkast was a big hit, and that did it too. There have been many more, but those are the ones that endure, for whatever reason. How about you?

A whole bunch of plaid shirts


Plaid shirts used to strike me as too tomboyish and style-less, but now I like them a great deal, and am—since I only have one—looking to expand my repertoire. I like how they look all oversized and slouchy, like here, and though they’re a natural with jeans, they get about a hundred times chicer when you pair them with trousers (I especially like how they look with leather pants).

The color really pops against the grey here.

And I adore black and yellow together wherever I find it.

The contrasting pockets and cuffs here are fun.

I like that this one is kind of faded out.

Blue on blue is always a winner in my book.

This silk option is nicely refined.

This is just pretty adorable.

Here is one I might go for: the blue and red together is so strong.

From Frank & Eileen, a shirt brand I really like: blue and white and nicely graphic.

I am mad for the poppy color combination here.

Here’s a sweet, feminine choice.

Red and black always looks great.

And finally: a classic scotch plaid from LL Bean.



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