Things I bought, things I want, crazy-splurgy blow-dryer edition


dyson blow dryer

There is something obscene (I was going to say almost obscene, but there is no almost about it) about spending $400 on a blow-dryer, but reader, I did it. As I have mentioned before, I can’t stand blow-drying my hair. It takes too long, and is so monotonous, and I always end up thinking about all the interesting, productive things I could be doing if I wasn’t doing that. So when I read about Dyson’s newish and very space-age-looking blow-dryer, and a few of you mentioned that you swear by it in the comments, I was intrigued, mostly because it purported to cut down on drying time. The manufacturers also say it’s better for your hair and makes it smoother and shinier, and I suppose it does do a little bit of that, but the headline here is that it is supersonically fast at its primary job—I would say it cut down on the time I spend drying my hair by at least a third. I justify the high price tag because I wash my hair every two or three days, so the cost-per-use will work out nicely.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.42.48 PM

I think these shoes are just the cutest in that berryish burgundy hue, and imagine that they’re deeply comfortable (here is the classic Wallabee if you’re more interested in something along those lines).

emerson fry caftan

Emerson Fry has a number of good caftans at the moment, and I’m really liking this leopard print version for lounging and sleeping, and perhaps for wearing to the beach if the weather ever turns warm again. I also like this short iteration of their classic design.

green vase

Having just shelled out a fortune for that blow-dryer, I am in no position to do the same for this paper geranium plant, but it is just so bright and gorgeous, and I really like the idea of permanently having something “flowering” on my kitchen table as I write.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.13.22 PM

This Jerome Dreyfuss handbag exceeds the GOACA price limit by a fair amount, but it is so rare to find a good leopard print on a handbag, and the duffel shape is pretty much aces.  AG trousers

I like how nicely slouchy—and yet not sloppy—these trousers are.

MIH jeans blouse

And finally: a gorgeous silk blouse with a nice deep neckline in an excellent, poppy yellow.

Taking requests: Coffee tables are so hard


saarinen coffee table

I’ve received a few requests for a post on coffee tables, and I can’t say the prospect thrilled me, as I have always had a tough time with this particular piece of furniture. In fact, when I moved into my post-divorce apartment, the hunt for the right one dragged on so long that I just ended up buying a bunch of Moroccan poufs and placing them between the two old leather sofas I’d brought from my marital home. It was a colorful but imperfect solution, as you couldn’t place drinks on them without the drinks toppling over, and I was resolved to do better when I moved into a new place (I got one from BluDot, in a vivid bright pink that is currently marked down). But I am nothing if not devoted to all of you, so here are my picks. A few are on the pricey side, but I’ve found a number of quite well-priced specimens as well. This classic Saarinen table falls into the former category, but if you don’t mind making a small investment you could do a whole lot worse.

reeve coffee table

I like the marble top here, and the fact that it has a lower shelf, so you can place your coffee table books and such there and keep the top half uncluttered.


marble top coffee table

Another marble-topped option, with a design that is nicely—but not overpoweringly—Midcentury.

bend coffee table

I love the sculptural look of this, and the bright poppy yellow (here’s a similar and cheaper way to go, minus the yellow).

amherst coffee table

Just as simple as can be, and a pretty good deal.

noguchi coffee table

A Noguchi coffee table is another classic worth considering, although I would caution that it’s not the best choice for a home with rambunctious children (or clumsy adults) as the glass is just placed on the base, and can fall off if you aren’t careful (I say this because I had one in my office for years, and I knocked it over more than once).

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 4.42.59 PM

I just like this one because it’s such a good red.

round coffee table

I think this round one looks pricier than it is.

adam coffee table

And I think the brass legs are a nice touch here.

elliptical table

When I lived in a brownstone with a big old living room, I had this Eames table and loved it. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something to place between two sofas.


Did you miss my post on furniture for the home office? Do check it out!

In which I argue that pencil skirts are wearable


pencil skirt street style

I know the general impression is that pencil skirts look best on those who are long and lean, but I love the way they look on a woman with curves—very sexy and confident. I find that full skirts, with all their volume, tend to make me look bigger, and that a pencil silhouette can actually be on the slimming side. And I like how the woman here is wearing hers with a big slouchy sweater, which is so chic and also nicely casual (yes, I know her shoes tell another story).

lou lou skirt

The trim at the hem of this skirt from Tibi is such a nice hit of femininity, and I love that it’s asymmetrical.

max mara skirt

A denim pencil skirt  with a super-clean wash, which isn’t the easiest thing to find (I like this one from AG as well).

allude skirt

This one is ribbed cashmere, which would be so cozy to wear right about now.

mango skirt

Look closely at this check print and you’ll see that it’s a pretty great green-and-white pattern.

& other stories skirt

I am crazy for this asymmetrical leather choice from & Other Stories. It’s not cheap, but it’s pretty well-priced for a leather skirt.


universal standard skirt

And here’s a faux-leather option from Universal Standard (here’s another—quite well-priced—similar choice).

karen millen skirt

And another faux leather—this one in a pretty magnificent blue.

j crew pencil skirt

A nice simple grey option from J. Crew that’d be endlessly versatile

halogen pencil skirt

And here is a very reasonably-priced option.

camuto pencil skirt

I like the side slit here, and the fact that it, too, is well-priced.

theory skirt

I’m pretty sure I showed you this gorgeous ruched skirt from Theory before, but it’s nicely marked down now. It’s got a very forgiving cut.

whistles pencil skirt

This leather skirt also comes in a very nice burgundy hue.

standards & practices skirt

The lace overlay here is so lovely and sweet: I’d dress it down with a simple white tee.

milly pencil skirt

A sequined skirt is perfect for a party (and here is a pretty stupendous green sequined choice in extended sizes).

And in case you missed it: here is a post I did on black skirts a while back.



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