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Welcome to the week of requests, which will probably—like it always does—turn into the fortnight of requests, because you all came up with so many good ones. I’m starting out with a  question that a few of you wrote in about: a commenter named Kimbersam said she was looking for work-from-home outfits “that aren’t yoga pants/jeans/band Tshirt/cashmere hoodie/fun sneakers. This has been my uniform for the past 4 years and I am actively avoiding mirrors because I can’t stand myself!” And Aaryn wrote, “I feel like I’ve lost the game since I started gigging full-time. Rarely do I feel comfortable and casual-chic enough to step out the door. Schlumpy is a real struggle.” As  a person who calls her kitchen table her office, I can concur and relate: I refuse to give up comfort, but want to look at least a little put-together when I’m called upon to walk out the door. Here are some items I rely on, starting with a big, huggy sweater like this alpaca crewneck from Everlane, which is quite well-priced, especially for alpaca, and comes in a wide range of colors.

I know Kimbersam specified she didn’t want to see them, but I couldn’t exist without my cashmere hoodie (this one also comes in a few good colors).

Aside from the old going-to-the-bathroom issue, you can’t beat a jumpsuit for comfort and ease of wear.

A pair of jeans with a nice amount of stretch (that doesn’t look like it’s got a lot of stretch) is essential. I bought these a while back, and they’re on very high weekday rotation.

I’m quite intrigued by these pull-on trousers from Madewell—they look really chic and relaxed, and put-together enough to wear if you’re meeting someone for lunch.

And these silk georgette pants are like dressed-up pajama bottoms.

it’s a neat trick, how these sweatpants have such a trouser-ish cut.

I live in button-downs, usually sized up for comfort, and love them in intense colors like this.

A striped tee is a forever piece for the at-home worker: polished but still nicely casual.

This might seem a little dressed-up for a day spent at home, but I really like working in silk shirts, because they feel so good on, and make a light layer. I don’t dry clean them after each wear (instead I steam them, let them air out, then hang them back in the closet) but if that grosses you out, and the idea of your dry cleaning bill going through the roof does not appeal, maybe try one of Everlane’s washable silk pieces.

As my recent post attests: I like a popover. And this one would look pretty cute with that striped tee layered under it.

As far as footwear goes, this time of year I tend to putter around the house in Birkenstocks and socks, which is not an outdoor look. If I have to leave the house, I’ll most likely throw on a pair of clogs.

And I’m crazy for these moc clogs from Jenni Kayne, and want them bad: they’re as cozy as slippers, but are made for outdoor wear.

These slip-on sneakers are just a bit more dressed-up than the lace-up kind.

Brand I like: Hay



Hay is a Danish brand that specializes in thoughtfully-designed items for the home, and I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while now. A lot of what they offer comes in more than one colorway, like this well-priced quilt.

This portable lamp is battery-operated, and would be ideal for outdoor dining.

A chic little stainless steel water bottle with a bright plastic lid.

I just think this marbled dinner plate is super-cool, but then again I’m a sucker for marbled stuff.

The contrasting colors on this vase are really striking—it’s worth displaying even without flowers in it.

A chic, sculptural coffee table that makes a big statement in gold.

I can’t think of a reason anyone in this modern world needs an hourglass (I know Scrabble players would disagree) but I kind of want this anyway.

I’d use this plastic tool box to store all the stuff that gets lost at the bottom of my junk drawer.

This throw would look so perfect on my grey sofa.

A faux wood grain mug that strikes me as pretty clever.

And this quilt-ishly patterned blanket is pretty smart too.

I do love boucle


Boucle, for those who don’t know, is a fabric made with yarn that has a looped or curled ply, which gives it a kind of nubby texture that I think is chic as hell. I like it best on sweaters and outerwear, and think it looks especially great on this Isabel Marant Etoile jacket.

The inverted lapel and cocoon shape of this coat from Cos are quite stylish details.

A big old huggy scarf that comes in a few good colors, including this excellent pale pink.

I like the utilitarian feel of this jacket, and the faux-layered details at the neckline and sleeves.

My overcoats are always black, but this cute blue one makes me want to mix it up a little.

Another coat with a nice cocoon shape, and an unbeatable price.

The oversize look of this crewneck appeals; here’s something similar and less pricey.

Coats that tie at the waist can be tricky and bulky if you’re not super-skinny, but this one sidesteps this problem by only cinching part of the waist. I also just think it’s got a pretty winning silhouette.

I’ve shown you Iro’s Shavani jacket before: I think it’s a perfect blazer alternative if you think you look awful in blazers, and is just as polished. Here’s one in army green that’s marked down.

This big, roomy hoodie from Vince looks like the coziest thing maybe ever.

A snappy little jacket that sort of has the shape of a cape, but without the what-do-I-do-with-my-handbag conundrum that a cape presents.

A fantastic, long cardigan that you could layer both under and over.

A Woolrich coat in a fantastic, deep red, and with satisfyingly deep pockets.

I just think this coat is desperately chic: the interplay of colors is so good, and so is the texture.

This hoodie is in my shopping cart over at Net A Porter, and I just might go for it: I love the geometric print and ever-so-slightly cropped fit.



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