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A bunch of cool reusable shopping bags


I love the old-school inspiration for this bag, and it’s made of taffeta, which is cool.

This is actually made for hiking, but I love the color, and it looks like it’d fit a ton.

A trippy number from Baggu that’s big enough to double as a weekender.

And here is Baggu’s standard-sized shopping tote— I’ve got one in my bag at all times—which one can acquire in a ton of cute prints. It also comes with a handy pouch.

I like that this waxed canvas specimen looks so much like a plain brown shopping bag.

Here’s one that’s got lots of compartments, which is handy is you’re shlepping wine, among other things.


An excellent black gingham print versatile enough to skew preppy, rock and roll, or however you skew.


Turns out H&M has some nice home items


You definitely have to dig a bit to get to the good stuff, but it’s there, and well worth digging for. This seagrass vase, for instance, looks desperately chic, and it rings in at just under $25.

A hanger rack that’s clearly modeled on this Eames version.

This textured bowl reminds me of the items on offer at Farmhouse Pottery, a brand I love but rarely spring for.

As stylish a laundry basket as one could hope to find.

I think there is just something so elegant about the notion of grey wine glasses.

A perfectly utilitarian wooden tray.


This stoneware plate is a nice substitute for something from Heath Ceramics, another brand I love.

A linen tablecloth that comes in a number of lovely earth-toned hues, and you can go for matching napkins if you so choose.





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