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I’m having a particularly good hair moment, which is quite unusual occurrence for me, and especially so in the summer. I’ve got coarse, dry, frizzbo hair, and the humidity this time of year—especially out in Sag Harbor, where I am right now—plays hell with it. But I’ve come up with a regimen that really seems to be working lately, and it starts with this shampoo, which cleans without stripping hair of natural oils and drying it out.

I follow it with this conditioner, which is effective enough to feel like you deep conditioned, but doesn’t make your hair feel coated with gunk—even after you rinse—the way that can happen with some deep conditioners.

After towel drying with this, I spray probably more of this  All in One Milk than is probably recommended, and it detangles and  smooths hair, and also protects hair from the extreme heat of the blow dryer.

And here is my blow dryer. It is not cheap, but Dermstore often runs specials on it. It cuts down on drying time significantly, and is more smoothing than any blow-dryer I’ve tried.

As you might have noted, I am a newfound superfan of the brand Sachajuan, which I discovered at my hair salon. This stuff adds shine and smoothness but doesn’t make hair feel coated, as some serums can do.

I use a curling iron instead of a straightening iron to smooth out my hair once it’s dry, because they don’t do quite the damage that straightening irons can do. I’ve had this one for years, and it is lightweight and effective, and heats up fast.

My last step is this anti-humidity spray, which doesn’t feel tacky like hairspray sometimes can, and really seems to help matters

Well, this just happened


Probably my greatest regret in life is that I didn’t have kids. In particular, I really wanted a daughter. But today, I’m grateful that never happened, which makes me so sad and angry. My head is literally spinning at this news, even though we all knew it was coming. I’ll have more to say on this, but for now I wanted to give you all a space to share your thoughts.

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