A couple of new (to me) beauty products


I went to the spa, and my brain all but melted away in a sea of forest hikes and swimming, lavender sea salt scrubs and crudité. It was very, very nice, and all a little too relaxing, and it has taken me a while to get back in the swing of things (and in truth, I’m not entirely certain I’m there yet). So please bear with me as I get back up to speed, and meanwhile, here are a couple of discoveries I made while I was away: first up is this Hourglass lipstick (the color is called I Can’t Live Without) and it is one of those your-lips-but-better shades, only maybe just a tiny bit darker, and now that I’m trying not to do a too-bold lip, which I’m told can be aging, I’m finding that it’s just the ticket.

The problem with deodorants, as opposed to antiperspirants, is that if they’re scented and you sweat even a little, that scent gets stronger, and unless you’re a really big fan of that scent, this can be a problem. This stuff, however, smells of nothing (well, as much like nothing as anything can) and it really works, too.



Things I bought, things I want


Just a couple of purchases for my little spa respite, starting with this Outdoor Voices tee, which is in the best heathered blue.

These Nike leggings are super high-waisted, which is a new thing I like leggings to be, and made of a supremely breathable fabric.

Meanwhile, Everlane is now offering their excellent (and well-priced) chore jacket in corduroy, and though it comes in a few other more classic hues, I’m loving this golden mustard yellow (which I think is nicely unexpected but still pretty versatile too).

I really really really want one of Sandy Liang’s supercool fleeces, pricey though they are.

I am not suggesting that anyone actually buy this leopard liner jacket, which is just stupidly pricey, but I would like you to admire it, and join me in hoping that some more inexpensive brand knocks it off.

Also from Everlane: this extremely sharp snakeskin-embossed boot looks like it costs more than it does, and has a very walkable heel.

From the Ines de la Fressange collection over at Uniqlo: a cozy cardigan sweater that looks so excellently Euro-preppy.

I’ve been looking for a new-favorite classic pair of blue jeans with just a tiny bit of stretch—but that look like they don’t have stretch— and these may be them.

Off to the Berkshires


My mother Eve is 82 and pretty much unstoppable: she spent a good portion of the summer in classes to train her Goldendoodle to be a service dog, went to see Bjork at Hudson Yards, and when she was out in Sag Harbor, swam in the bay every single day. When it was suggested that it might not be the most prudent idea for her to ride a bike out there anymore—lest she lose her balance and take a spill—she got herself an adult tricycle, and bops around town on that. It would be a lie to say she hasn’t slowed down at all, but she hasn’t slowed down much. And when she asked me if I’d like to accompany her on a little spa vacation, my only question was whether I’d be able to keep up with her. We leave on Sunday for five days, and according to the weather forecast they’re already having some pretty chilly weather up there, so I acquired my first Patagonia jacket, which is actually a men’s model, but it was the coolest jacket in the store by far. And according to the guy who helped me, this jacket is such a big deal in Japan that it’s the only item in the store you can only buy one of.

I own this T-back top from Alala, and think it is the perfect piece for yoga.

Such an adorable leopard print sports bra; I also very much like this version in army green.

I love a borderline-loud legging, and these have such a great Tiki vibe.

I own a version of these jersey sweats, and love them: they’re very soft, kind of silky, and supremely comfortable.

At the spa, a yoga class is offered that you do in the pool on special floaty mats, and it’s supposed to be really good for your balance—and since my balance is so very bad, I’m keen on giving it a shot. I’ll be bringing along this tank swimsuit from Solid & Striped, because it’s classic and gets the job done, and reminds me of something Lauren Hutton might have worn to the beach in 1979.


The branding on this sneaker is a little front-and-center for my taste, but I’m all for the easy (and cool) slip-on shape, and fun patterns.



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