Here’s your playlist, ladies


This playlist has no overarching theme whatsoever and musically, it’s quite all over the place. The only way to listen to it is on shuffle. This was fun, so if enough of you enjoy it, I’ll make another.

Nine black skirts with a little something cool going on


I want to start wearing skirts, I really do. But—as I have mentioned in the past—too many are too tricky. All of these are tricky in good ways, I think, starting with the pretty ruching here that also makes the hem asymmetrical.

I tried this on the other day and it is just gorgeous and drapes beautifully.

Nothing too major here, just accordion pleats and a very nice price.

A tube skirt can be scary-skinny, but with ruching (I know, a lot of ruching in this post; I’m a fan) it can be quite flattering.

Just thought I’d throw this pretty, subdued floral in for kicks.

This is just so flowy and feminine.

I adore the daring slit here.

This is a knit, which is cool, and it’s just a little metallic, which is cooler still.

Such a quietly sexy option.

Top 5 of the week: Universal Standard


My favorite plus-size brand has just released some new looks for fall, and they are just so spot-on. Some, like this striped cashmere sweater are pretty straightforward, while others skew a bit more fashiony.

The slouchy asymmetry of this cardigan makes it both interesting and flattering.

I’d wear this cape sweater on fall weekends with jeans. Just a good kicking around outfit.

This leather top is precisely the kind of really cool, forward piece it is very nearly impossible to find in plus sizes.

The tie here is kind of fun, and a good stomach-junk concealer too.



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