Top 5 of the week: lingerie resources


I really like nice lingerie—bras in particular—and don’t much care that there isn’t anyone to share it with at the moment. Wearing it always feels like a sexy little secret I’ve got going with myself. I used to have a couple of very nice bras and bikini briefs I saved for special occasions, but now I look only for really good pieces that aren’t too delicate or constricting so that I can wear them every day.  This bra is my most recent acquisition from from Fleur du Mal, a brand that skews toward fashiony, streamlined pieces.

I don’t go to Agent Provocatuer as much as I might like because it is so damned pricey, but I keep my eyes peeled for their sales, because they mark items to move. I have been known to splurge there, though, on a couple of hand-embroidered bras so pretty I’d wear them as outerwear if I could. This is just so gorgeous and almost graphic.

I’ll head over to Nordstrom if I need something very specific, like I did when I was searching for a not-unattractive  T-back bra to wear with a particular dress. They’ve got a really hardworking lingerie section.

For bikini briefs, I like UK outfit Mimi Holliday. Their pieces are just really cute and not terrifyingly pricey. These have such good star embroidery.

Also, I always check out Journelle to see what’s new in the panty department, because they’re good at stocking stuff that’s sexy but functional, like this.

Taking requests: knee-high boots


My friend Margaret requested a post on knee-high boots that would be good for walking her new puppy, so I decided to just do a post on all the knee-high boots I like, regardless of height (and there are only a couple that are on the perilous side). This wasn’t the simplest task: the thing at the moment is over-the-knee boots, and stores are crammed with them. But I did manage to find a decent number I liked a lot, including this attractive lug-sole option.

The oxblood hue is just so good.

Here’s one you could walk a dog for miles in.

This looks more expensive than it is, and I love the chunky heel.

I’d wear this with my flowy Ulla Johnson dresses.

This is a good choice for when you’re in the mood to dress things up a bit, and the price is decent.

Grey suede is so damn chic.

This is ever-so-slightly western-looking in a way that appeals.

This has a sheepskin lining, which just sounds so perfect for frigid days when you have to wear a dress.

This is nicely sophisticated.

The pointy toe and clunky heel are an unexpected—but winning—combination.

Everlane does denim!


You guys might guess how I am on the topic of jeans: picky, picky, and precious few brands clear the bar. But I am a fan of Everlane’s new line, which debuts today—they sent me a pair to test run, and I found them to be cute, flattering, super-comfortable and excellently true to size.



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