Taking requests: What to sleep in?


Please forgive me, reader who wrote in requesting a post on sleepwear: I’m pretty sure I accidentally deleted your note. But I’m going ahead with the post anyway, because in all the five and a half years of doing this blog, I don’t think I’ve ever covered this topic. My taste in sleepwear depends on the season, but I always like a nice slinky nightgown like this—in the winter I just pull an old t-shirt over it for warmth. (Here it is in extended sizes.)

These pajamas look so soft and comfortable, and I like the kind of dirty lavender hue.

These striped pants are awfully cute.

I like how the plaid here is really subdued.

From Everlane: a sweet silk set.

This jumpsuit might be hell in the middle of the night when you have to go to the bathroom, but it is too adorable.

This black set is just as suitable for lounging as it is sleeping.

I’ll admit that this dress is not the sexiest, but it looks so cozy.

Now this is sexy, and pretty flattering too.

I like these PJs because they have stars on them.

This is LL Bean, and flannel, and maybe on the frumpy side but I’m a little obsessed with it.

And this is so pretty you might be tempted to wear it out of the house.

Everything I use on my hair


Last week’s post on everything I put on my face got such a big response that I decided it might be fun to share my tonsorial products as well (and have you share yours in the comments, please). Hair is actually such an important part of my life that it’s surprising I don’t write about it more here—there’s a whole chapter in the book on it. Mine, left to its natural devices, is corkscrew-curly (I like how curls look on others, but not on me) and painfully thin. So I have extensions, and use this shampoo because it doesn’t eat away at the bonds.

You’re not supposed to use deep conditioners every time you shampoo, but my hair is so dry and damaged that I do; it just drinks this stuff up, and I’ve noticed a real change since I started using it.

I towel-dry my hair and then apply more of this than is probably recommended, but it is just so good: it detangles beautifully and leaves it feeling undamaged and even smooth.

This blow dryer is really fast, and lightweight too.

I heat style with a curling iron: even though the look I’m going for is relatively straight, I’ve been warned off of anything like a straight- iron. Still, to protect it from damage and to impart a little shine, I apply this before the iron goes through my hair.


I go section-by-section with my hair and run it all through this curling iron to get my hair as straight as it gets.

A whole bunch of party dresses


I know I am a big proponent of the party in a top, but there are times a girl just wants to throw on a dress to go to a fête, and who am I not to facilitate such a thing? There are quite a few sleeveless numbers here; I like to wear them with snug cardigans or a shrunken leather jacket. As for what I’m wanting, I like all the slip-dresses I’ve been seeing, but they’re often quite clingy; this one has a bit of movement, which is nice.

Lace just immediately ups your game.

A nicely slinky velvet wrapdress.

Soft and drapy, in a nicely feminine way.

There’s a lot going on here, but I’m pretty sure it all works.

I’d love to wear this to a party; it’s sexy, but also just a lot of fun.

Another slipdress with a forgiving silhouette.

Nicely sophisticated, and the mustard-y hue is great.

Another one I’d love to own: it’s just so feminine, but also really sleek.

A very flattering, classic, pretty-easy-to-wear shape.

This is subtly metallic, which is fun, and I like the shape.

I do enjoy a purple dress.

A very straightforward, lovely silhouette; I’d have fun here with jewelry.

I don’t know what synthetics were involved in the making of this, but it looks like leather and is cheap.

The ruching on this dress is so flattering, and the print is fantastic.

There are eensy polka-dots on this silky number.



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