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  • These photographs of 1980s England, by Tish Murtha, are fantastic, and so is the story behind them. (My Modern Met)
  • And I dig these trippy pictures of frozen bubble formations and shards of snow, by photographer Ryota Kajita. (Colossal)
  • This video of people from 70 countries counting money is weirdly mesmerizing. (Kottke)
  • I found this supercut of 300 dance scenes from the movies to be a delight. (Indiewire)
  • And finally, and so important: here’s how to help migrant children and families at the border right now. (The Cut)
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4 Thoughts on Wednesday links
    20 Jun 2018

    These are fabulous. Love the dance scene supercut, Tish Murtha’s amazing photographs (there’s even more on the website), the counting money video, the ways to help the immigrant children. You knocked it out of the park.


    20 Jun 2018

    Thank you so much for the link What You Can Do Right Now to Help Immigrant Families Separated at the Border. The soul of our nation is at stake and I am not generally an alarmist. What happened in Germany years ago can happen here. We must be vigilant and fight against the tide of authoritarianism.


    20 Jun 2018

    We must stay vigilant as these difficult times continue…Our democracy is threatened…Rep. Elijah Cummins said it would take years beyond his life to get the democracy back together…Wow, to consider how long it will take to stop the tilt..I appreciate the information you provided…I have followed each step that is suggested…I wish I spoke fluent Spanish…Thanks again…


    25 Jun 2018

    Can you make sure this information doesn’t get buried under posts and stays accessible and near the top. Thank you.



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