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    21 Aug 2018

    How can they put the captions with the author’s name, but not the cat’s name? Inquiring minds want to know!


      21 Aug 2018

      I agree!! I love how HGB’s cat is staring right into the camera, which of course translates into said cat correctly thinking it is all about her/him.


    22 Aug 2018

    That movie list is totally is totally odd..with the exemption of boyhood I don’t believe there’s a female protagonist in any of them.
    I am not saying this in a feminism over art kind of way. I just think it skips a ton of great films..
    Some of those movies are really good in my opinion.. boyhood,.of course,
    but Dunkirk? Very very weird..


    Aaryn Belfer
    22 Aug 2018

    Hey Kim.

    I tried to send a message thru your contact form but I kept getting an error message. This will be off topic so feel free to delete this “comment” after you read it. So…here is the missive I’ve been trying to send.

    Loving your redesign. But no email address: Boo.
    The reason for that is I am heading to my XXth HS reunion next month and I am needing some suggestions for an outfit to wear to the the dinner. (I wanted to share a couple HS pics with you but, alas, can’t load them here). It is warm/hot there in mid-September —low 80s during the day, mid 60s at night. I don’t want to be super formal…I want to be comfortable, chic, relaxed. I’ve been thinking of pants and a cool top with an unexpected detail. Maybe a jump suit. Not super down with a dress unless it’s a Maria Cornejo, and then I’d wear anything of hers. It needs to be a sale item, tho. Can’t break the bank this week..

    Thanks in advance if you’re able to do this.
    You’re aces.


    23 Aug 2018

    Looking at Theo Jansen’s “Strandbeast” with a mixture of wonder and repulsion – it reminds me of the creepy millipedes that occasionally show themselves in our house during hot, humid weather.

    I loved the list of films from the 2000’s, some of which I’d forgotten about and now want to watch again.

    Not even going to look at the clowns….too much nightmare potential before bed.



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